September 03, 2015

Motivate or sakit?

Hello people!

Since Europe Trip entry dah sampai penghujungnya (on last entry), but I still want to write, coz I love to! Haha. Lantak la, ini blog aku. LOL.

What I about to write, is what I think. You might agree, and you might agaisnt it. It is up to you. Again, this is my blog and it is up to me what I want to write, huh? Heheh

Well.. I realized maybe some people get jealous to read my Europe entries. Which I don't care pun. Hahah. Because for me, you are how you react on something. If you yourselves full of negativity, envy you will read all the entries with stub in your chest. Ye lah, cemburu lah katakan. But if you think it as your goal, you want to make it to be your dream too you might find it motivating, full of positivity.

I have came across many occasion that when I read something, it inspires me to be like them or to get what they have. I might, sometimes feel envy, but when I feel that way I will pray for their success & mine too.

Be envy or let yourselves with full of negativity leaves nothing but pain in your heart. You will not live in peace, selalu rasa nak sakit hati je. Itu tandanya jiwa kita sakit.

Sometimes people only see what they want to see. People only hear what they want to hear. There is saying, "Do not judge a book by its cover" but that what people like to do most.

Beli iPhone baru, banyak duit.
Pergi bercuti ke Europe, banyak duit.
Pakai kereta import, banyak duit.

But they know less how we afford to get these things. We are working 24/7. We cut down unnecessary things. We save money,we plan our budget. We have monthly budget evaluation. But them? They are effortless, just judging you 24/7. They could not afford it, because they are boros. No budget, no monthly evaluation. Wasting money without they realized.

Smoking or even vaping everyday, needs money.
Lunch/dinner at expensive restaurants, needs money.
Bought branded clothes, needs money.
Went lepaking/ playing futsal, badminton or whatsoever too often, needs money.

They do not realized, their pocket is leak with this "wasting-money" behaviour and yet they claim, they do not have money. Tak cukup duit. Tak cukup kaya.  Let say they stop these things for a year, I bet bukan iphone je boleh beli, 1 europe pun boleh pergi!

So.. my point is..if you know nothing about something, better shut up. Don't act like you are a saint from heaven.

ps: I believe it has been long time I have not ranting in my blog.

September 02, 2015

Europe Trip: Part 18 (Europe Trip: Conclusion)

Disclaimer: All information in this blog is purely from blogger's experience & point of view. I will not be responsible for any unfortunate events might caused by using the information in my blog.
Note: This blog is written in mixture language - Malay & English. But I will try my best to keep consistency to use proper language at a time.
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Salam & Hi all,

After 17 posts about the Europe Trip (the longest entry I ever wrote!), in this post I will sum up everything - for the conclusion.

Sepanjang 15 hari merantau ke 6 negara, saya merasai berbagai pengalaman yang unik & berbeza. From one country to another I can see their uniqueness & differences of culture. And, I love it :)

London/England (4 hari)
Saya berada di London/England selama 4 hari. 
Attitude wise: Boleh saya katakan orang2 di London fairly nice. Nak kata peramah sgt2 tak de lah. Nak kata too rude, tak jugak. So-so je la. Well, this is from my opinion tau. 
Cleanliness: In terms of kebersihan, well.. sama je mcm Malaysia. Sampah merata, puntung rokok pun merata. 
Public transport: Dari segi punctuality of the the Tube, ini boleh dibanggakan. public transport pun mmg banyak & punctual, senang nak pergi mana2.mmg punctual. 
Facilities: Cuma facilities kt the Tube agak mendukacitakan. Tak semua ada escalator & lift (which kinda troublesome for us since we bring stroller). 
Living cost: Dari segi living cost xdinafikan memang agak mahal, memandangkan conversion rate tinggi jugak. Time we all pergi tu 1 pound = RM5.50 mcmtu. 
Overall, fairly good experience. 

Paris/France (2 hari)
Saya berada di Paris/France selama 2 hari.
Attitude wise: Orang2 di Paris ni... xramai yang boleh ckp English. So they tend to ignore u kalau diorang tahu u xtahu ckp French, sbb diorang simply malas nak layan org yg xtau French. Haha. So.. at times u will find they kinda a bit rude by simply ignoring you or wont help you if u need any help.. but ada masanya orang2 french sgt baik & friendly. 
Cleanliness: Saya berada di Paris 2 hari je, so xde la sempat berjalan merata sgt. Some people said Paris ni hancing, but I did not find any place yang hancing pun :') Sampah xnampak bersepah sgt. Better than London I guess. 
Public transport: Punctuality ok. cuma xberapa tourist friendly sgt sbb xde tulis signboard in English utk cara2 beli ticket etc. x banyak signboard dlm english.
Facilities: Sebabkan that time we all only use public transport sehari je kt dalam Paris.. so susah nak komen yang ni >.< Fairly ok la kot.. hehe.
Living cost: Much better than London, myb sebab guna euro kot. time kitorang pergi tu 1 euro = RM4 mcmtu.
Overall, fairly good experience.

Jungfrau/Zurich/Switzerland (3 hari)
Saya berada di Jungfrau 2 hari & Zurich sehari.
Attitude wise: Well, from my point of view, orang2 Swiss adalah paling friendly compared to other European countries yang kitorang pergi. Sangat2 baik, sentiasa senyum, sgt helpful, peramah & sgt melayan tourist dgn baik. And they speak English too :)
Cleanliness: Tip top! Sama level bersih mcm kt Jepun. Hehe. Well, sya compare Jungfrau dengan other parts of Europe. Jungfrau mmg sgt bersih & mendamaikan. Susah nak nampak sampah kat situ.
Public transport: Sebabkan xlama kat Swiss ni so xboleh nak judge sgt public transport diorang. Kalau train yang kitorang naik tu so far mmg punctual, bersih . Lain2 xboleh nak komen.
Facilities: Facilities pun ok.. xdpt nk komen sgt sbb xspend masa kt city dia. Hehe
Living cost: Living cost kat Swiss mmg mahal. kat Swiss pakau Swiss Franc. Harga 1 pinggan speghetti dalam 17 chf berbanding kalau kt tempat lain dalam 10 euro je cmtu. Everything in Swiss is expensive. Trust me.
Overall, saya sgt2 berpuas hati dgn Switzerland! Over expectation, myb sebab orang2 nya yang sgt welcoming & suasana permandangan yang mmg cantik, breathtakingly beautiful! Must come at least sekali dalam hidup! 

Frankfurt/Germany (1 hari)
Berada di Frankfurt sehari sahaja (sebab transit)
Attitude wise: Orang2 german ni mmg kasar2 orangnya. Myb sifat diorang mmg cmtu kot. Badan besar & nampak garang. Kadang2 rasa mcm xpasal2 je kena marah. and diorang xnak ckp English. Heheh. So hati kena kental sikit pergi German ni.
Cleanliness: So far.. ok la. so so. xkotor sgt, xbersih sgt. Ada juga sampah tapi xbertaburan mcm kat London
Public transport: Punctuality ok. Service ok. Cuma xberapa tourist-friendly sbb xde english. Melilau cari nama stesen xtahu mana satu nama stesen sebab semua pun tulis dkjgaljguklahr . mcmana nak baca?
Facilities: Agaknya orang2 kt Europe ni jarang terkencing . Haha. sebab perasan jarang stesen yang ada toilet, so does kt German ni. Tahan la sampai umah. 
Living cost: Fairly bearable. tak mahal sgt mcm kt London & Swiss. Maybe sini guna euro kot & everything pun ok la xde la mahal sgt.. but xde la murah. heheh
Overall, kalau diberi pilihan utk dtg ke German lagi.. my big NO. Haha. cukup sekali. Sebab xsuka orang nya kasar2.

Amsterdam/Netherlands (Hollands) (2 hari)
Berada di Amsterdam 2 hari.
Attitude wise: Orang2 di Amsterdam ni nice. Baik melayan tourist & friendly. But cant help it to compare with Swiss ppl lagi friendly. Tapi orang2 Amsterdam baik2 je :)
Cleanliness:  So far Amsterdam ni bersih je tgk. sampah xde bersepah .
Public transport: Public transport ok. punctual & sgt convenient nak pergi mana2.
Facilities: Sebab xguna sgt public transport so xbape perasan facilities kt situ.. so xdpt nk komen.. hehe
Living cost: So far ok, not too expensive, not to cheap either. Hehe
Overall, fairly good experience.

Brussels/Belgium (1 hari)
Berada di Belgium sehari je utk transit
Attitude wise: Okay. orangnya agak helpful, tp diorang xckp english sgt. org belgium ckp french..
Cleanliness:  So far bersih better than London. Hehe
Public transport: Tak naik so xleh nk komen
Facilities: Tak naik public transport.. so xleh nk komen
Living cost: So far ok, not too cheap nor expensive.
Overall, Brussels is okay, good experience. 

Now we go to the interesting part - calculating the cost. Hehe.
Kalau tgk kt my last entry post, total expenses was RM21,148 for our Europe Trip journey for everything. Dari makan, sewa motorhome, souvenir, taxi & segala mcm. Nampak mahal, but cost ni boleh dikurangkan lagi kalau anda pergi at least 4-5 orang.

Contoh pengiraan kalau anda pergi 5 orang:

Motorhome (Rental, GPS, Bedding, Child seat): RM4674
Flight (2 adults, 1 child): RM7168
Travel insurance (2 adults, 1 child): RM275

Total per person: RM3734.80

Day 1
Cab rental Airport - Homestay: RM220
Homestay London (5 night): RM1295

Total: RM1515 
Total per person: RM303
Day 2  

Stanford Bridge Stadium Tour (2 adults) : RM196 

Total per person: RM98

Day 3
Octopus card (+ reload 10pound) x2 : RM177.50

Total per person: RM88

Day 4
Shopping spree

Day 5
Car rental: RM289.50
Car park Stonehenge: RM30 
Minyak: RM119
Total Day 5: RM525.50 

Total per person: RM105.10 

Day 6
Taxi to Redhill Farm: RM471

Eurotunnel (Folkstone - Calais): RM560
Toll in France: RM126
Minyak: RM210
Camping site Paris: RM301
Total Day 6: RM1668

Total per person: RM350

Day 7
RER fare x 2: RM85

Big Bus fare x 2: RM234
Total Day 7: RM319 

Total per person: RM159.10

Day 8
Minyak diesel : RM563

Stock up food: RM100
Total Day 7: RM663

Total per person: RM150

Day 9
Camping site: RM288

Jungfraujoch: RM1152
Makan: RM55

Total Day 7: RM1595

Total per person: RM800

Day 10
Camping site: RM170 

Total per person: RM90

Day 11
Camping site: RM107 

Total per person: RM60 

Day 12
Camping site: RM129
Ticket (2A): RM53
Parking: RM22
Stock up food: RM100
Total: RM304

Total per person: RM 75

Day 13
Camping site: RM168
Keukenhof tickets (2A): RM145
Parking Keukenhof: RM22
Total: RM335

Total per person: RM175 

Day 14
Eurotunnel (Calais - Folkstone): RM560
Parking Brussels: RM20

Souvenir: RM100
Total: RM680

Total per person: RM150 

Day 15
Hand sanitizer & stock up food: RM100
Fuel: RM350
Gas: RM65
Ticket coach to Airport: RM110
Makan di airport: RM150
Total: RM775 
Total per person: RM150 
TOTAL: RM21,148

Total per person: RM6488 

Kalau anda lebihkan bajet sedikit utk kecemasan, etc..RM7,000 anda boleh buat Europe trip naik motorhome ke 6 negara! Harga ALL IN including flight, minyak, makan, souvenir, campingsite, etc! How cool is that? Start dreaming & start saving now! ;)

As a conclusion, traveling is not as expensive as we think. Dengan syarat, pandai bajet, pandai cari cara utk dptkan the BEST value. Tapi perlu igt jgn nak semua murah sampai kita rasa xselesa pula! Bajet yang saya buat ni sesuai utk saya travel in small FAMILY dengan anak kecil 3 tahun. Kalau saya travel bersama kawan2 maybe saya hanya sewa kereta share 5 orang, tentunya kos lebih murah! Silap2 boleh cover 6k sahaja for everything!

Write your own itinerary sebab dengan itu, anda tahu apa yang anda mahu. Anda yang tentukan kos anda. Anda yang tentukan keselesaan anda. But, buat travel itinerary BUKAN mudah. Banyak perlu pembacaan, penyelidikan utk dptkan itinerary yang best dengan harga yang puas hati.

Akhir kata from my last entry utk Europe Trip ni, Selamat Melancong! ;)