June 30, 2008


This is my first write in this blog.Hurm,.since last few days, quite a number of my friends came to me,and telling me their problems,.You can see from each of everyone of them have different kind of problems and the way they acted with it. Some of them had problems with love,some of them with academic performance and some of them with money. But from what I can see..its not about that,but its about faith.When they told me about their problem,I can't do anything rather than listen and giving them a piece of advice.I am not a counselor,but I think,its not about their problem that keeps bothering them,but it about faith.yes,faith.I am writing here,not telling that I am so good,I also have problems and I believe,everyone of us does.But what make us different is the way we look at the problem and the way we solve them.Some people may strive for it at first,but when they are in the hardest hit,they may quit.Some people may just give up at the first place.But there are some of them keep on trying even they failed for some time,but they keep on trying until they hit the target.These kind of people exist because they have faith in themselves.Whatever you do,whatever you aim,havva faith in it,because once u have faith,you automatically drives yourselves towards the success.In any problem,it does not matter.Hurmm,.don't let the mistakes that u did in the past bothering you for your future.Don't make it as a reason not to succeed in your future.Learn from the mistake,take it as a lesson in a hard way.Whatever you do,believe in urself.Keep moving on.I remember the dialog in 'Kung Fu Panda' movie, "there is no secret recipe!There is just belief".Be optimistic and have a faith!;)

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