July 27, 2008

it just like the ghosts;)

hello everybody,
well,everyone knows i guess the school reopens tomorrow,and the busy-terms is about to begin~!owho~~
this sem i take 4 subjects,including engineering analysis B,french B,fundamental to signals and systems and electric circuits 3.wow.wow.wow.i dunno,but i think its gonna be hard,and well,.to be honest i am pretty scared for the subjects,even i havent learn it yet.but, i remember this one phrase i used to tell iqah,'jgn berundur sebelum berperang!',and i smile to myself:)

Hurm,.I think,everything happens because we made it happened.Just take a very simple example, I remember my friend used to tell me this : ghosts exist because we think they are exist.,because if we look the ghost in asian countries such as malaysia,they are always described as muke putih,rambut panjang,duduk bertenggek kat atas pokok,gigi tajam,and sometimes they call it langsuir,pontianak,jembalang and that sort of things.On the other hand, ghost in western countries,they are always described as muke smart,tp gigi panjang dan tajam,pakai coat,kekadang terbang malam2,hisap darah,they call it as dracula,and whatsoever.ok,berbalik kpd persoalan,kenapa ghosts mesti different from one another depends on the country?couldnt it be the same?sbb kalo ikutkan patutnye same je kan,coz they are just ghosts!haaa..then i came to the conclusion,it just because we think they are like that,we describe it that way,and it would happens the way we describe it.menarik kan?;)

So,same goes to other perspectives of life.If we really think,we can do it,and we really strive for it,we can make it happens!nobody knows what are we capable of,even diri kite sendiri,we dont know our limit,sometimes kite rs give up and dah smpai limit,but actually the limit is still far in front.who knows kan?and myb we can push the limit?:D
Well,.the point i want to say is,if u really think u can success,then u will,coz ur thought will make it happens.it just as simple as that.it is really the same situation as the ghost thing.you believe it happens,then it will:)

remember,it just like the ghosts!;)

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wan said...

wuiks..pe yg cuba ko smp kn nie ita??..=p