July 04, 2008

new zealand trip : day 1 and 2

Hi everybody!Now I am in Queenstown,New Zealand,having a winter holidays here with my friends. Today is my second day in here, and I am really enjoy in here. Yesterday, I ride so-called-luge which is so similar with the go-kart, but luge just has break,it doesn't have anything else.It was really fun riding the luge,cause the luge started from the top,and u ride it down the mountain,that is why they just have 'break'.lol. To get to the top of the mountain,I need to ride the gondola,which is very similar with the one in Genting Highlands.but here,the forest is so beautiful,with the conifer trees and the snow. It was very cold at the top,and I was freezing!lol. At night, we were going to the city,to buy some foods and 'jalan-jalan' as well,but the city is dull after 5,cause the shops close at 5pm. It was really funny,cause I need to wear so many layers of shirts,pants,socks and thanx God,not the shoes at well.haha. After I reached home,I feel damn sick+_+

This morning,we were planning to go to The Lord Of The Rings film location.But due to the bad weather, we had to cancel the plan.The temperature there can reach down to -10 degree! Then we went to the city(its not city actually,I think its more to small town.haha), and thanx God,it was snowy!:D:D:D.After it was not snowy anymore,we went for a cruise, along Wakatipu Lake. It was really2 nice. It seems like I was watching a movie in the TV because the scenery was damn pretty.The lake water was so clear(blue in colour),until you can see clearly the fishes and marine lives.I can't believe my eyes that time,it seems like the edited version of picture taken.lol.Yeah,that is the power of God,can't deny it;).After the cruise, we planned to do the paragliding,but then due to the bad weather,we cannot do it,then we went back to our motel. And here I go,updating the blog!Hope tomorrow will be a better day for me to enjoy the rest of my holidays in here;)

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