July 19, 2008

thank you for all ur concerns;)

Hello everybody!;)
hurm,.first of all,i wanna thank to all yg byk bg semangat to me to face His task,without u all,I dunno whether I can face it or not..Thanx again:)
Especially to the girls : iqah,bad,syai,akila and linda, thanx a lot, u mean really a lot to me,.
Thanx tolong watkan majlis tahlil mlm td,thanx to akila tolong belikan barang(even berat kene angkat sorang,hehe), thanx to bad(selaku chef jemputan mlm td,serious speghetti ko sedap),thanx to iqah (tolong potong cili kot,haha),thanx to syai(masakkan dinner,sedap!;)),and last but not least,thanx to linda(ape yg ko wat eh?haha)
And to Kak tmC,thanx a lot,akak banyak bg tarbiyyah kat saya,seriously..even mcm xnampak,but it really helps me;) to syairah(adik),thanx jugak menjemput org dtg,even majlis tahlil tu wat on the spot,but ramai yg dtg..
And to all,thanx byk2 sbb bg semangat,.support,.
Without u all,myb I can't stand anymore,really2 appreciate it!
Whatever happens,life must goes on,isn't it?;)
Thanx again to everybody~



intan said...

ta..be tuff k.i kn0 u r da str0ng gurl.da lame knl k0 ta.even ak xbyk mmbntu.but i'l be thre when u need me k..luv u t0t.muuah!!

macropusRufus said...

i'm so sorry.br je tau bile bc your blog.
semoge Allah memberi kamu kekuatan.