July 21, 2008


Hi everybody,.
Well,.here I go again..It been 3 days my dad passed away..and Alhamdulilah, I accept the takdir dgn redha..:)And tipu lah kan if I say I don't feel anything right now,even I accept the takdir,but still..kerinduan yg amat mendalam kpd seorang bapa is really strong..
Hurm,.last night I got 'sms'es from my sis(the 1st one).And she said she feel she kinda missed a very big thing in her life since abah passed away,.My sis never tell me what she feels or whatsoever,but last night,I can feel she really meant what she said..And from now on,i did promise to my sis,and so did she,to make our mum happy whatever happens..Because we only have mum,if not to my mum,who else..?
Hurm,.to all,I just wanna say,love ur parents since they are still live..Show ur love to ur parents,Don't make mistakes like I did,.when he is gone,br nak rs menyesal..no use..Show that you love ur parents so much,.Kalau ade bf/gf,boleh je kan kite sms or call tetiap hari,if we don't call or sms even for 1 day,dah gadoh2..reason:dah xsayang and whatsoever..but penah tak kite terpikir,bape kali kite call or sms our parents?(ni kalo yg duduk aussie)drp free cap yg aud300 tu,dape dollar kite spend utk call our parents instead of bf/gf?And penah tak parents kite gaduh ngn kite,sbb kite xcall or sms even sehari..?And penah tak derang ungkit kite xsayang derang ke ape?i don't think ade parents mcm tu,.coz they really care and love us,sometimes we do not know what they feel,but as their son/daughter,selagi diorang hidup,appreciate ur parents,.
Yeah,I know,I am not good enough to say that,I just don't want u all people make the same mistakes like I did..

And then,it up to u to decide which is better;)


an-nahl said...

thank you for the reminder sweetheart=) *hugs*

Da^Aviator said...

ben baru terbaca bout wat happened. takziah fren.