July 15, 2008

yes,it's hard and hurt.

here i go again,writing in this blog.
many people came to me,telling their problem,.and I kinda lend my ears to them,listen and make them comfortable with me,try to solve their problem and if I cant do,just give them a piece of advice so that they will feel better..
But it always when it come to my part,I mean,when I need to face problem myself,I sorta cant handle it.A lot of things playing in my head,.and one thing I hate most about myself,I like to make people happy even I'm sad or hurt.It always like that.But some people just do not understand why I did that,I mean,when I come to a conclusion to do something,they just say I'm emotional,I'm selfish,but they do not know the reason behind it..But I never blame them coz its their judgement,and I do not have any right to stop them.And I,and always me,feels hurt,and keep it myself without anyone knowing it;)
When it's hard,I try my hard to smile,coz I want to make ppl happy..But at the same time,I cant deny myself,what I did really put myself down.Yeah,.only God knows what do i feel..*sigh*
I have a beautiful friendship.But nobody knows..this will happens.She didnt expect,so do I.But I never blame her when it happens,it was just situation that make it worse.To my bestfriend: If one day,you like him,and feel want to accept him,please do so,do not think about me,or other people,coz i wud be happy if you are happy;)

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