August 10, 2008

10 things people do not know about me. (cont.)

9. Saya seorang yg pemalu.haha.caye x?:D i mean especially kalo ngn org2 yg cm aku xbese sgt,aku akan diam and jd seorang yg sgt baek.haha

10. I hv 6 dimples(lesung pipit),but only 2 of them are obvious at my cheek(pipi),other 2 are between my chin(dagu),and the other 2 at top of my cheek(atas pipi).:D:D:D

Well,.i guess thats lil bit info that most of my friends dont really know or realised.



fakhri said...

kalo ko tukar Dimples to Pimples, mesto orang tahu..

wan said...

aku baru jumpa yg ke sepoloh.. :D