August 12, 2008

Every single thing happens for a reason..

Hi everyone,.
Hurm..well,.cm bese,when I started to write,there are things in my mind that keep bothering me,.*sigh~*

I think last week was the bad week not only for me,but i think for people around me as well,.So many problems,and things happened last week..well,.i dunno how to say,but ...

Sometimes I feel bad,coz nothing else I can do for them..Just listen to them..Well honestly,pretty hard for me just listen to them,I wanna help,I really do,but I dunno how..:'(

Why people around me feel sad..?why they have problem at the same time?and the worst thing is,why I couldnt do anything for them?

I really hope there will be a bright day for them.,


coz I love my friends.

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nur _fragrant_musk said...

salam elaik & assalamualaikum

sy rse klo awk da dgr mslh je da ckup ok sbb kmhihran mdgr mslh x semu org ada..empati tok mslh tu pon perlu bla dgr mslh..then, pnerimaan tnpa syrt yg sy lihat ade pd awk..bgos2..keep it up