October 26, 2008

beza antara cinta dan keinginan utk memiliki,.

Hello guys!well,haritu i read a blog of my fren,and he comment about an ayat-ayat cinta film,i dunno what kind of film is that,so i tried to dload it,coz his comment was pretty good for the film.Then when i watched the film,it was good,but myb not my type of film la kot,ok laa,.so so..but ape yg aku tertarik with that film is the last part of that,when maria says somethng like now she knows the difference between love and lust,.

Well,myb ade yg still cm xpaham kan,nape laa aku tertarik sgt ngn dialog tu,and myb de yg xpaham sgt kot ape maksud dialog tu,haha.actly aku sndr pon xpaham sgt,tp,this is what I think laa,.

hurm,i believe most of us penah rs heartbroken,xkesah laa sbb ur ex tu leave u to be with other guy/girl or ade sebab2 laen,and myb kite rs cm xbole terime bende tu,i mean xbole terime bile ex kite wat cm2,.sbb kite dah syg sgt2 kat dia..here where the dialong come from,.for me,CINTA is when u really2 love someone and kalo bole kite nak ngn dia,always be with her,spend precious moments together,happy together and so on,but there are some circumstances where all these cant happen,and ur CINTA is teruji.for me,CINTA is when u want ur partner be happy,even keadaan memaksa she/he wont belong to u,u sacrifice urself,ko gembire bile dia gembire,u terime ape yg berlaku dgn redha,coz u CINTA dia.

On the other hand,KEINGINAN UTK MEMILIKI is u xkesah walau ape keadaan sekalipun,ko nak gak ngn dia,xkesah laa korang hepi ke tak ke,ko nak gak ngn dia.even that u r together,but myb he/she doesnt really happy,but u dont mind,as long as she/he is with u.u said u love her,but actly u r not really coz whether u realize or not,u are more to wanna get her/him,u dun want other people with him/her.thats sound selfish,but thts happen when KEINGINAN UTK MEMILIKI is more than CINTA. KEINGINAN UTK MEMILIKI will turn u to other person,will change ur personality,when the person that u want couldnt be urs,.

CINTA and KEINGINAN UTK MEMILIKI sound similar,but they are different,really different.well,they are just my opinion tho,i dunno whether u guys have a better opinion than mine,then we can share;)


shahir said...

thats the difference between love and lust? nak tengok lg beza dia, usha la 'Match Point'

zunitaseriously said...

yup2,that the more suitable word.haha,penat aku pk td.lol.