October 31, 2008


431-325 Stochastic Signals and Systems
431-330 Design Laboratory
431-324 Control 1 (Classical Control)
116-009 French Intermediate Language and Cultural A**
Communication Systems
431-329 Fields and Transmission Lines**
431-336 Neurons:From Action Potential to Learn'g**
640-381 Principles and Applications of Sensors**

Hello everyone,
Well,how u guys going with the xm?sure sume tgh bz study for the xm kan?pape pon,best of luck to u all!;)

I just re-enrolled for my subjects nx year,.tuh kat atas tuh,sume subject yg aku amek utk nx year.Yang ade tande asterisk tu(**) subjects electives aku,as in subject yg aku pilih.personally,I dunno whether i did the right decision ke tak,haha,coz for my electives,I think sume org xkan sangka aku amek subject2 tuh,i mean kalo cm french tu,myb org dah ramai tau aku mmg wat french pon since awal thn this year,tp cm neuron ngn sensors tu,cm agak pelik gak laa,tp I think i MIGHT like it,coz neuron tu,aku tgk overview subject dia cm ade biology2 sikit laa,as in hows the neuron in the brain works,the potential difference in the brain,and something like that.On the other hand,sensors tu plak actly from physics department,aku cm berminat nak wat subject tuh coz dia berkaitan ngn quantum physics and modern physics,and i think i MIGHT like it coz i like quantum and modern physics,hopefully laa kan,.haha.

Yang field transmission tu plak,im really not sure wanna to take it or not,my course advisor recommend me to take signal processing,tp..aku xbp suke wat lab,.huuu~so,aku amek je la field transmission nih,sbb xde lab,haha,bole x cm2?adeyhh.suke suki je aku pilih2 cm2,dah laa its about my future,isk.
nih,kalo telekom tau aku wat subject merepek2 nih,mau je kene bebel,hihi.alaa,dak2 telekom france pon,same je,wat subject merepek kan,so,aku pon bole je wat suke suki aku.hehe:D

hurm,pape pon,hopefully ape yg aku pilih tu,mmg aku akan minat laa,hehe,pape pon,nx year dah 3rd year!yay!haha.*xpepasal je kan?*lol.i gonna stop now,kene stadi for final,hehe,gambate ita-san!:D


izzahmeor said...

"sure sume tgh bz study for the xm kan?"
heheh..dh abes exam dah..
tp xtau arr kalo kene amek exam lagi skali..mntk jauh...:P

zunitaseriously said...

hish,xaci nih!ita xstat pon lagiii~:(

fakhri said...

eleh ita..kate minat math..jom2..math...

zunitaseriously said...

haha,aku xseterer ko aa en bf.aku underground je.lol.