November 29, 2008

Good Bye people;)

Hi all,

I guess this is my last post for the yaer of 2008.,coz tomorrow morning,i gonna catch my flight at 10am,and going back to malaysia for 3 months.I might be inactive(i mean online-fs,fb and blogging) for the whole holidays since i dont have internet connection in malaysia.well,here i wanna wish u all happy holidays to whom that already started their holidays,happy graduation to whom graduate this year, congratulation and happy wedding to whom gonna have their marriage soon!glad to hear that;)

Well,since i will going back to malaysia tomorrow,i need to pack my stuffs(obviously)but i am sooo lazy.OMG.since this morning i opened my bag(the huge one),and i stared at it,hoping that all my stuffs already in took out all my stuffs and suddenly i didnt have mood to pack,argh.and i started watching movie,"step up"(even though i watched it before,but still,i didnt want to pack my stuffs,sigh).then i onlined using my compaq,but i couldnt find where i put the battery.argh.i searched it every where in my room,but i couldnt find it.i didnt remember where did i put it.the more pressure i felt.sigh.

And right now,my room is still clothes are every where.looking at them,the lazier i feel.haha.i MUST pack them by tonight!yeah!haha.well,to whom who read my blog,thanks a lot guys and wishing u all,all the best,happy eid adha,and a very happy new year!

btw,these are some pics of my room.hehe:D

haih,bersepah bangat ini!+_+

hehe,half way packing.ade la gak progress kan:D

p/s:kan best kalau ade doraemon?:P


Dhiya said...

huik~~ mcm kenal je benda alah kt tombol pintu..sure benda nie dpt menghilang bau-bauan asing..hahaha..;p..

Ayol said...

Balik rumah berholiday serious ita tanak update blog terus iyerrr :p


Awang said...

cik ita, bile nak balik melbourne. krispee kreme dah halal. cik ita jgn sedih2 yer