December 18, 2009

Japan: Day 1&2

Hello people,

Now I'm in Japan and having a very great time here:). Today is my 3rd day in Japan and we are planning to go to Tokyo Tower and some places around there. Yesterday I went to Ueno park and Akihabara. Ueno Park is basically just a park with a lot of things inside. There are zoo, exhibition, playground, museums, etc.

Just arrived in Cairns- transit to Narita Airport

So I guess you guys can imagine how big is the park, right? Sampai lenguh la kaki ni berjalan.adeyh. There are so many museums inside, like national art museum, national science museum, national museum of japan, etc. We just went to national museum of Japan coz dah xlarat nk jalan.haha. serious penat gile. coz we are students, so we got discount for the entree, 400 yen per person (approx RM14). There are 6 buildings inside, Heiseikan, Honkan, Hyokeikan, Toyokan, Horyuji Homotsukan, and err..xigt lg satu:D The museum was awesome!

In front of Heiseikan

In front of Honkan

The sophisticated toilet- There is controller for urinate, etc. Interesting, huh?

The sophisticated sink in the toilet- automatic soap, water flow and drier at one sink

After the museum, we went to buy onigiri coz we were too hungry. This is the thing, they do not understand english, and I do not know how to speak Japanese. nak buat cerita, I wanna know what is the content of the onigiri (so that I know whether it's halal or not). I asked in english, and they responded in japanese. tp seb baek they know ikan is fish in english. when they said fish and some other japanese words, okay, i knew that onigiri contained fish.haha. but it's fun speaking english with them:D

This onigiri cost 140 yen (approx RM4.50)

Next, we went to Akihabara. OMG, to those who anime freaks or electronic geeks, Akihabara is a must place to go. It is an electronic town, mmg heaven gile shopping kt sini. All new technologies of electronic can be gotten here. Having said that, this town is quite busy.

Akihabara, the electronic town in Tokyo

We went back about 630pm coz I couldnt stand with my boots anymore, kaki sudey lenguh gile. On the way back, we missed our stop coz we didn't understand japanese!! They made the announcement in Japanese and no translation in english at all.haih. But I guess it was an interesting experience coz got some times we asked direction from japanese, and you can see how hard they try to speak english. but at least, they try,right?:)

December 13, 2009

Japannn!! Here I comeeee!!

Hello peeps,

In 2 days time, I gonna go to Japan. I'm 89% finish packing, and I got my mood to go to Japan back!hehe.. excited betul nk jumpe si dia.ehem2. oh oh, I will be there for 3 weeks, and we are planning to travel from Tokyo-Mount Fiji-Hakone-Nagoya-Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Tokyo. Fuh~ I bet, the journey would be awesome! hehe. I already got my Exchange Order to get my JR Pass (Japan Railway Pass), so that I can use shinkansen (bullet train). weeehoo~ There are lots of places we are planning to go and lots of thing we are going to do, which means lots of fulus keluar mcm air. haih. but I guess, it will be worth it, ala, sekali sekala, xpe la kan? This year, I didn't travel that far, just went to Adelaide during the Easter break..:(

Shinkansen with Mt Fuji background

Universal Studio of Japan @Osaka

Geisha @Kyoto

Japan is in winter now, so I guess the temperature can go down to 0 degree.. So I prepared myself with lots of thick clothes, i gonna bring lots of jackets, long coat, bubble jacket, gloves, winter socks, etc. that's why my check in luggage went over 20kg! and my hand luggage is full of foods, weigh exactly 7kg! haha. gile ita nih, g jepun, bwk food bebanyak.xpe,winter itu melaparkannn:D

Oh oh, I already change my dollar to yen. Current exchange rate is: $1 = 80 yen. So I changed about $100, dapat laa 8000 yen. hehe.. For the first time, I hold Japanese notes!:D:D I gonna bring my mac kesayangan, alongside with my beloved vaio external hardisk, so that I can download the movies in Japan dgn sesuka hati. Yelah, ade org tu bangga dgn speed internet dia kt Japan kan:P

All in all, I'm very excited, and I hope my journey will go well as planned.:)
And to all of you, happy holidays!


December 12, 2009



When things go wrong,
As they sometimes will,
When the road
you're trudging
seems all uphill,
When the funds are low,
and the debts are high,
and you want to smile,
but you have to sigh,
when care is pressing you
down a bit--
rest if you must,

Success is failure
turned inside out,
the silver tint of
the clouds of doubt,
and you never can tell
how close you are,

So, stick to
the fight when
It's when things go wrong

p/s: m very inspired by this:)

December 06, 2009

The place where I used to belong.

School Song (Malay version)

Maju maju maju segera maju
Berbaris menempuh rintangan
Tun Fatimah maju bersama maju
Mencapai cita-cita
Dan harapan ibu pertiwi

Kamilah penuntut Tun Fatimah
Mendukung cita-cita yang suci
Bergerak maju cita dituju
Di bawah semangat dan urat nadi
Serikandi Tun Fatimah

Muzik : Juliette Lai
Lirik : Ainon Mohd

(English version)

Together we join hands to reach our goals,
With spirit and dignity we stand,
Tun Fatimah you will always be our leader,
Our quest is fulfilling the hopes of our nation.

We are the generation of tomorrow,
To be the guide to show what we can be,
Tun Fatimah you have our promise,
We'll be the guide, we'll be the light,
and be your pride,
United we stand, Tun Fatimah.

p/s: there where I used to belong.

Politic: where are we heading to?

Yesterday, I went to a talk given by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) in Melbourne University. Honestly, I'm not very good in politics, and I rarely follow what's going on in Malaysia politics nowadays. But yesterday talk made me wonder, I will be one of the citizen that can change the future of Malaysia, someday. Though politics seems not entertain at all, but it's one of my responsibilities to decide the future of my country.

I'm saying this does not mean I'm agree with the opposition. It just make me think, how valuable I'm to the country, and my vote can be very significant to the Malaysia's future. Frankly speaking, the opposition get the point, and they were very convincing, especially DSAI. He knew the things that he spoke, I can see he had his firm stand, and he was very confident when answering questions. I respect that. Very respect.

But there were some points that I disagree with him.

1. DSAI said it would be better if we open the Dean or Vice Chancellor position to non-Malays so that we can improve the education performance in the university.
I don't agree with this because it's not the only solution to improve the education performance in the university. There might be some other ways,for instance;

i) The selection of the students into the university must be very tight- we increase the admission requirement, so that only the best students can get into the university.
ii) The way of teaching must be improved- there must be a survey run at the end of the semester, asking the opinion from the students how the quality of teaching can be improved.
iii) The quality of education must be improved- this different from above point in the sense that the way university gives the marks to students. Stop doing not-making-sense-thing like attendance marks to lecture (the students can cheat-like I used to do), and etc.

Why not non-Malays?
Even if we take non-Malays, I don't think it would solve the problem entirely since there are other causes that caused the problem. And what's the different then?
2. DSAI said we should unite as one entity- Malaysia.
DSAI suggested there should be no distinction between Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other races as well. I kind of agree with this; but we have to remember, at some points, Malays have the priority with Hak keistimewaan melayu. And we all agreed this matter cannot be touched, and argued. We all know that. And even if, let say one day we demolish the hak keistimewaan melayu, and the Prime Minister is Chinese or Indian or any other races than Malay, I think they will also give the priority to their own race. I understand what DSAI's trying to do, trying to convince us, but he has to understand not all the people think the same way that he is. Once they have power, we don't know what will happen.

3. DSAI blame the government for so many aspects
Well, I know it's normal for an opposition to blame the government for so many aspects, that why we call them OPPOSITION. But, I wonder, why NOW he stand up and blame so many things from government? Why after he quitted from UMNO and after went into prison? Why not when he was in the government? Yes, DSAI said since he was in the government he used to oppose so many things, but why not so loud like nowadays?

4. DSAI made a general conclusion from a specific incident
When DSAI answered the question, he always gives his personal experience as an example, and jump to a general conclusion. For me, that should not be the case, because I do not know weather that's really the case or he has the benefit behind that. I don't know. So, I personally think, he should not make a general conclusion from a specific experience, because then he does not look like professional to me.

I'm not saying government is perfect. Government also has it's own weaknesses. But at least, they are trying to improve, and I can see they are improving in some ways. Yet, I think, people in government should wake up, stop arguing about stupid things, and show the leadership. If not, anything can happen. Anyway, that's politic is all about.

p/s: Tetibe semangat politik lak.aiseyh.

December 02, 2009

A lil bit of reminder:)

If there were a Qur'an with which mountains were moved, or the earth were cloven asunder, or the dead were made to speak, (this would be the one!) But, truly, the command is with Allah in all things! Do not the Believers know, that, had Allah (so) willed, He could have guided all mankind (to the right)? But the Unbelievers,- never will disaster cease to seize them for their (ill) deeds, or to settle close to their homes, until the promise of Allah come to pass, for, verily, Allah will not fail in His promise.

When I read this verse in Quran, I remembered my Christian friend used to debate with me about Islam and Christianity. To be honest, I'm not a religious person, and but somehow I have my religion and I believe in God, I have faith in Allah.

He always want to debate with me about small thing. I mean, for me, you don't even need to question it, but he likes to ask me until I couldn't answer his question. Once, he used to bring a conversation about hijab (tudung). He always asks, why got some Muslims wear the mask (he means purdah), and some of them close everything even they have to see through the net that enclosed their eyes. He said, it ridiculous. It's nonsense when you are just allowed to wear black long clothes (black jubah). He used to ask, if I were in France, do I take off my hijab? coz most of the universities in France, there are no distinction in religion, which means you cannot wear anything that shows your religion identity, including the hijab. I said, no. I would never ever take off my hijab. He asked me back, why wouldn't you? You should respect their law, their culture, cause you are in their country. You can't act as if you are in Malaysia. I just smile, and here's my simple answer:

Wherever you go, regardless of anywhere, you bring along your religion. Whatever rules they are, your religion is your priority. Religion itself has their own rules. If you put your religion is your priority, there should be no confusion for not obeying the country's law. France law is just conservative law. You and I both believe, there's hereafter. So, there should be no argument about God's law.

He still want to argue more about it, but it seems like he cannot think of anything to counter my argument. Like Allah said, from 13:31; Do not the Believers know, that, had Allah (so) willed, He could have guided all mankind (to the right)?

May Allah always guide me and my loved ones to the right path. Amen~

November 29, 2009

Interesting things to share:D

I found these on the internet:

p/s: thx to my bf for the stumbler!:D:D

To whoever they are.

I know some people just do not know how to shut their mouth up, or how to not menyibuk-hal-org, or how to talk properly. I'm so sick with all these people. Can u people mind ur own business? I don't get it, if u don't like to know what I'm doing, or what I'm writing, stop reading that. stop following me on twitter, or blog or facebook. If u feel menyampah with my writing, why u do u care to follow me? to read anything that i write? like some of u never did it.huh. ckp mcm bagus, ckp itu, ckp ini, tp sndr pon same, even lg teruk pon ade. so what's the different? I just don't get this kind of people, why you people still following or reading something that u don't like to read? u can put me in some kind of filter if u want, or just stop following me. i never care about that,okay?

kpd penyibuk2 sekelian, mind ur own business, okay?

November 26, 2009

esok raya?

mm..esok da raye,.rasa sayu bukan first time raye kt melbourne ni, but first time for raya haji laa..rasa suram sgt2..myb sbb ramai yg da balik msia kan,.so rs kosong gak laa..program pon xde sgt, sbb org xde..mmg xde rs nk raye lansung esok..sedih je kan? preparation raye pon xde. jgn kan kate baju raya, kuih raye pon xde. aih..esok duk umah je la nampaknye.. nk tgk tv pon, bukannye ade program best utk raya
sabar je la pon kt perantauan..

p/s: happy eid adha to everyone!:)

November 18, 2009

On the verge of freedom.

Just one paper left tomorrow, digital system III,
and I will officially done with my 3rd year:)
May Allah make it ease for me, insyaAllah:)
and to him, who also have the mid sem test tomorrow,
may Allah make it ease for you too:)
Can't wait to finish the exam!!
Err..that doesn't mean I'm prepared enough,
Just can't wait to finish the exam.hehe:D

To all,
Pray for me,OK?

November 16, 2009

I'm talking about YOU.


It's been long time I try to be patience with u. Honestly, I dunno what's my mistakes or what is the thing that u don't like about me. Like I care?HAHA. But can u please not treating me as if I am an alien? U ignore me, fine, I don't care coz u'r not anyone to me. But what's the problem when u have to tell me something, just tell me straight? why u need to tell someone else to tell me? It's not once or twice u did that, it's countless time! I dunno why it's so hard for u to talk to me. are u jealous coz I'm sweet person? oh yes, myb u are. HAHA.

When im around u treated me like in an alien or myb u just cannot see me? oh yes, myb im invisible. no wonder when u ask anyone else about something, u didn't say a word to me. NICE. I know u r smart, but don't underestimate people around u. u know what, I hate being underestimated. U think u r great, up to u la kan, what u wanna think about urself, like I care, but please dont underestimste other people. Hello, ilmu tu Allah yg punye, kalau Dia nak, bile2 mase je dia bole tarik balik. Don't be too arrogant with what u have now. Once He take back what u have now, padan muke.heh.

All these while, I try to ignore EVERY action that u did to me. But, I have my limit. and u have to know it. How many times I stop myself from slapping u. Well,u should feel grateful for that,ok?

p/s: U are smart, aren't u?If not, xkan la underestimate org laen kot kan?heh. I guess u know I'm talking about YOU.

November 14, 2009


for full song, click here.

Every time you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can`t see which way to go
Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can`t repent
And that its way too late
Your`re so confused,wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He`s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don`t let me go astray
You`re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way 2x
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah we`ll find the way

p/s: His voice is really wonderful:)

November 12, 2009

Pisau Cukur

p/s: cm best je!

The confession of me.

Hey you!
I'm tired with you.
I had enough.
You test my patience,
You test my emotions,
You just don't bother about my feeling, do you?
Have you ever think how I feel about you?
Have you?
Or you just so innocent and pretend for not knowing anything?
It's been so long I've been waiting for this moment,
To say everything that I feel about you.
You are selfish.
Yes, you are.
Don't deny it.
And I hate you, signals.

November 09, 2009

Exam and weather.

Hello people,

I just sit my first exam today, it was Intermediate French B. Considering I just studied for 2 days for that subject, I think I did quite well. Thanks to all who prayed for me especially to my mum and my beloved boyfriend, thank you so much.

Okay, let's put aside about the exam thing. One thing is on my mind right now is; Melbourne is SO HOT! why oh whyyyyyyyy?? It's not even summer yet. Gosh. Today temperature is 34 degree! can u imagine how hot is that? I don't mind if I just stay at home, but the thing is I need to go to the exam hall tgh2 hari buta, which is far away from my house, 40min walking distance. I got headache when it's too hot and it affects my mood for the exam as well. sigh~

p/s: okay,tetibe emo sbb yg xsabar nk g jepun yg sejuk!:D

November 07, 2009


Hello people,

Feeling wanna update this blog, but I just dont have any idea what to talk about.

Just exam..exam..exam.. itu je ade dlm kepala otak aku skg.

p/s: 39 days before I reach Japan:)

November 04, 2009

The reality.

Some people always think studying overseas is so much fun compared to local, especially those who studies in local university. But they do not know, the difficulties that we need to face here (or maybe it's just me). What they do see is: living in overseas is wonderful, living in 4 seasons country, can feel the snow, winter, roses are everywhere, spring, fall, can travel and seeing other culture, etc. To certain extend, yes, I agree with them, otherwise I against it.

1. I do not like winter.
Maybe those who never feel winter are very keen to touch the snow, feeling the coldness, etc. But, u just need to know, after sometime, u'll get annoyed with the coldness, coz u can't do anything with it. The weather turns to be very gloomy (especially during winter), it's always rain during the winter, which is the main contribution to the coldness. Having said that, I always turn my heater on during the winter which caused me to spend almost $600 just for electricity bill!

2. Studying here is very challenging
I do not know what is the condition for other course, coz I'm doing electrical engineering, of coz there are a very few of us (female) in the class. Being the minority (gender) in the class is one of the challenge that I need to face. Being minority (race-Malays) in the class also a challenge for me. Being in top 40 universities in the world also force me to keep up with the materials that they teach in class quickly. In reality, I got some friends who couldn't keep up with these phase, which then quitted from studying here, and went back to Malaysia. With the requirement from the sponsor also put some pressure on me.

3. Homesickness
Somehow, when u are pressure, home is the most wanted thing u ever demanded for. But, u know u can't get that. without having enough money to buy a flight ticket, and suitable time to travel force us to just stay here.

p/s: sebenarnye, aku nak cepat abes xm+_+

November 02, 2009

Quick updates

Hello people,

It's been long time since I update my blog. beselah, bz sikit da nak final ni kan.hehe. I finished my semester already and starts the study week for a week, then final lah kan. dunno what to jot down, just a quick update:

- I've sent my last assignment for this sem today. no more assignment for 3rd year (YAY!)
- Going to have xm next week, and I just gotta time to study today.
- 44days left before I can reach Japan (YAY again!)
- can't wait for New Moon to release in Melbourne
- Serabutness di kepala coz I got so many things to study and the xm is just around the corner.Gosh!

that's it.

October 24, 2009


Gosh,I love this so much!

p/s: just cant stop watching this:)

October 23, 2009


"Mak doa kan lah adik, adik tension lah, byk keje sume, adik nak balik..:'( "

"Tak pernak mak tak doakan anak2 mak, xpayah ckp pon mak selalu doakan adik. Akak, kak ngah, adik, sume mak doakan. Adik boleh buat, jgn lah tension sgt, buat2 pelahan2, insyaAllah adik boleh buat."


October 21, 2009

The secret of love.

Those who are still single may learn something from here... Those who are already married may take it as a guideline to improve your marriage & relationship ... AM I WITH THE RIGHT PERSON?

During one of our seminars, a woman asked a common question. She said, 'How do I know if I am with the right person?' I noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so I said, 'It depends. Is that your partner?' In all seriousness, she answered 'How do you know?' Let me answer this question because the chances are good that it's weighing on your mind.

Here's the answer:
EVERY relationship has a cycle. In the beginning, you fell in love with your spouse / partner . You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, and liked their idiosyncrasies (unconventional behavior/habit). Falling in love with your partner wasn't hard. In fact,
it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn't have to DO anything. That's why it's called 'falling' in love... Because it's happening TO YOU. People in love sometimes say, 'I was swept of my feet.' Think about the imagery of that __expression. It implies that you were just standing there; doing nothing, and then something came along and happened TO YOU.
Falling in love is easy. It's a passive and spontaneous experience.

But after a few years of relationship, the euphoria (excitement) of love fades. It's the natural cycle of EVERY relationship. Slowly but surely, phone calls become a bother (if they come at all), touch is not always welcome (when it happens), and your partner's idiosyncrasies, instead of being cute, drive you nuts. The symptoms of this stage vary with every relationship, but if you think about your relationship, you will notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage when you were in love and a much duller or even angry subsequent stage. At this point, you and/or your partner might start asking, 'Am I with the right person?' And as you and your partner reflect on the euphoria of the love you once had, you may begin to desire that experience with someone else. This is when relationship breakdown. People blame their partner for their unhappiness and look outside their marriage for fulfillment. Extramarital fulfillment comes in all shapes and sizes. Infidelity is the most obvious. But sometimes people turn to work, a hobby, a friendship, excessive TV, or abusive substances.

But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your relationship. It lies within it. I'm not saying that you couldn't fall in love with someone else. You could. And TEMPORARILY you'd feel better. But you'd be in the same situation a few years later. Because (listen carefully to this): THE KEY TO SUCCEEDING IN RELATIONSHIP IS NOT FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON; IT'S LEARNING TO LOVE THE PERSON YOU FOUND. SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. It'll NEVER just happen to you. You can't 'find' LASTING love. You have to 'make' it day in and day out. That's why we have the __expression 'the labor of love.'

Because it takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, it takes WISDOM. You have to know WHAT TO DO to make your relationship work. Make no mistake about it. Love is NOT a mystery. There are specific things you can do (with or without your partner) to succeed with your relationship. Just as there are physical laws of the universe (such as gravity), there are also laws for relationships. Just as the right diet and exercise program makes you physically stronger, certain habits in
your relationship WILL make your relationship stronger
. It's a direct cause and effect. If you know and apply the laws, the results are predictable... you can 'make' love. Love in relationship is indeed a 'decision'... Not just a feeling. Remember this always: 'God determines who walks into your life. It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.'

Edited from Kak Hanez Ismail:)

p/s: To my beloved bf, God determines you to walk into my life. And I'm decided not to let you walk away, I want you to stay, and I refuse to let you go. Coz I love you so much. Happy 8th month anniversary, dear:) Thank you for everything:):)

October 17, 2009

Kan best kalau..

Kan best kalau aku ade 10juta dolar, aku nak kawen, nak beli rumah best2, beli keta best2, beli furniture, beli ipod, beli mac baru yg best, g travel seluruh dunia ngn si dia, g paris, switzerland, germany, poland, rom, palestin, USA, Mesir, NZ (lg skali), China, etc. pas2 nak g wat haji ngn si dia gak, sponsor my mum and family g wat haji, pas2 sedekah kat umah anak yatim ke, org tua ke, then selebihnye kite labur ke saham, xpon bukak bisnes yg best.

Eiffel Tower, Paris



Kan best kalau aku genius, cm Einstein ke, cm Gaussian ke, paling xpon, cm dak genius kat kelas aku, Eugene. xyah struggling blaja, blaja sikit2, terus dapat dean list. kalau buat project pon, hari ni wat, esok da bole hantar, pas2 dapat H1. mantap kan cm2?


Kan best kalau doraemon tu wujud, bole pinjam kat dia 'intu suka hati' dia tu. kalau nak g jepun, xyah nak susah2 apply visa ke, beli tix ke, naek flight 12jam ke, gune pintu tu, terus sampai saitama. wahhh, life would be lots easier. best kan?

Doraemon ngn pintu suka hati

Kan best kalau bila rasa lapar je, imagine pape, terus food yg kita imagine tu ae depan mata. mantap gile. aku teringin gile nak makan mee kari kerang mak aku, dr aritu dok imagine2, xde pon depan mata. down. kan best kalau ade kan?

Food yg best

Kan best kalau xm tu xpenah wujud dlm dunia. abes sem je, terus cuti. pas2 terus naek final year. xyah susah2 nak kene study ke,or xyah susah2 nak pk nak jd genius.hahah. best kan?

Kan best kalau assignmnt or project tu xpenah wujud. lagi skali, hidup itu lebih indah.ah~

Kan best kalau TM xde requirement utk pass. haha. or senang ckp, TM wat dek je kalau fail, paling xpon, kalau fail, TM bagi je repeat or extend. so, aku xyah nak risau2 lepas ke tak,lepas ke tak..

p/s: sbnrnye aku dah tensen study.adoi lah+_+

October 16, 2009


Hello people,
These are the updates for this week:
i) I got my visa to Japan already (a BIG yay!!), which means I can successfully enter Japan!:D:D
ii) I've done my French oral test, and Alhamdulillah,it was good.
iii) I bought a new running shoes!! boleh lari dgn bergaya pasni.lalala~ it's lil bit expensive, $140 (approx RM420), but really satisfied with the shoes:)
iv) Next week is week 11 for uni, that means I only have 2 more weeks for FINAL!!Gosh. time flies so fast x(

The visa

The new running shoes:)

p/s: Jenazah Fatimatussolihah selamat dikebumikan di Kuala terengganu, tempat asal allahyarhamah. Semoga roh allahyarhamah dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman..

Tim,aku rindu ko..


click here for the story of the funeral.

October 14, 2009

The last day on earth (updated)

If I know today is my last on earth, I would enjoy my last moments to the fullest, with my friends, my course mates, my housemates, my family, my parents, and my beloved one, and all the people that I know. I want to make myself to be the happiest person on earth and create the happiest moment ever with the people that I love. I want to leave all the people that I love with the smile in their face, coz I want them to remember my last day as the happiest day, not the other way around. The most important thing, I would ask the forgiveness from Allah, from all my sins and wrongdoings, and pray to him so that I will die in peace. I would do all solat sunat as much as possible, and I would make myself ready for the moment. Death is not the end of my journey, it's just the beginning. I believe, one day in the other world, I would meet all the people that I love in the beautiful way, and together happily ever after.

p/s: Al-Fatihah to Allahyarhamah Fatimatussolihah atas pemergian Allahyarhamah ke rahmatullah pada 13 October 2009 pada usia 22 thn. Smoga roh Allahyarhamah diletakkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman.Amen~
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October 07, 2009

My bad habit.

Hello people,
I have a bad habit. And I believe everyone does. Or maybe I would say, most people do. My bad habit is, I like drinking coffee and energy drink. I know maybe some people do not consider this is the bad habit, but I do, coz I take it everyday and it give bad side effects on me. The solely and only reason I take them is; TO BOOST MY ENERGY LEVEL. If I don't consume them, I will fall asleep in class, even I try my hard not to, and I will easily lose my concentration (tau2 je kelas da abes). The only solution, or I would say, the short-cut-solution is drinking coffee and energy drink. Do not misleading with that statement, I only take one of them at a time. At first I will take coffee, till it doesn't give me the effect that I want anymore, I will move to energy drink. This is a really2 bad habit. WARNING: Do not imitate this. The bad thing about drinking coffee and energy drink (especially on me) is it makes my lips go super dry. And I hate when my lips are dry cause it makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

So I went to google about this matter as the curiosity begins to kill me and I found these:

Caffeine is diuretic. An excessive amount of it will cause the skin to dry as the consumer is forced to urinate more often. More info, click here. Hence, this will leads to the depletion of water. As the caffeine is an antagonist to the receptor for the neurotransmitter adenosine, hence people who regularly consume caffeine will increase the adenosine receptor. The increasing number of adenosine receptor causes 2 thing: firstly it causes tolerance adaptation and secondly, make individuals much more sensitive to adenosine.Caffeine tolerance develops very quickly, especially among heavy coffee and energy drink consumers.

What is tolerance adaptation?
Tolerance adaptation is when ur body needs more amount of caffeine to give the same effects as the first time u take the caffeine. This isnt good since ur body will need more and more of caffeine at the same time disturbing the stability of the receptor system.

What is the bad thing having much more sensitivity to adenosine?
A reduction in caffeine intake will effectively increase the normal physiological effects of adenosine, resulting in unwelcome withdrawal symptoms in tolerant users.

Withdrawal symptoms:
i)headache and nausea
ii) fatigue
iii) anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate and diminished motivation to initiate or to complete daily tasks
iv)headache, irritability, an inability to concentrate, drowsiness, insomnia and pain in the stomach, upper body, and joints

for more information, please click here.

ps: Why I do all these again? ok,shud study!!

October 04, 2009

The birthday celebration.

Hello people,
Here I go again, sorry if my writing lately is more about myself, my life, and my routine, I know it might be boring for some people, just bear with me,okay?hehe. Apology for that, I've been busy (or more precised, lazy) these few weeks time, haven't read the newspaper so I don't have any idea what's going on so that I can give my comment on it.sigh. Need to be more hardworking.

Forget about that for a while, actually I was asked by my friends to update this blog about my belated birthday celebration last night (haha,saje je ckp kene update blog,jd jahat sikit:P). To be honest, I was surprised, as I was not expecting any celebration by them for my birthday.

My QC-mates and me with the cake

Thank you for all my QC-mates, especially Kak Murni for the delicious hand-made cake,

The delicious hand-made cake by Kak Murni.sedap!:)

Kak Syanifas for the delicious egg tart, peanuts, orange juice, coffee and the location (buat kat rumah Kak Syafinas), thank you to Linda, Diey, Wani, Kak Fad,Kak Murni, Kak Tmc, Syahirah (I was told you two also shared for the gift), and Akila for the great gift, the handbag or can I say school bag?hehe.

The beautiful handbag gift:)

I was so happy receiving the gift.Thanks:)

Thank you, thank you and thank you! Oh yes, thank you also for the cute birthday card,

The cute card

all the wishes in it, I love it! Millions of thanks to all of you.


ps: kalau cmni,nak besday tetiap hr lah:P

September 30, 2009

Finals and me.

Hello people,
Last few days, the timetable for the final exam is out. I got mine, and I love it. So much!:)

The exam timetable

I will start my exam quite early, on 9th november with French and will finish on 19th November with DS3. I thought I will finish my exam at the very end of the exam week (as always), but not this sem (happy!). Whatever it is, I got a month from now to prepare for my finals as I cant wait till the last minutes because I won't be able to cover everything:(. Next week is week 8 for uni, that's mean I will get A LOT of things to settle, like projects (which I still have 2 of them to do in 4 weeks time), assignment (MATLAB based, which is well-known-hated-subject by me), presentation (which I havent do any preparation for that), and other things as well. Sigh~ Why lecturers always do the last minutes work as well? Everything want to be cramped at the end of the semester. Sigh again.

Ok, forget about that for a while, during the spring holidays, actually I was working on the interface of my mac, I just feel bored with the same interface, so I changed some of them. It took quite long time to do, (most of the time just finding in the internet which interfaces that I like), and I still havent finish it. Still need to change some of them.

The incomplete interface of my mac

And I still havent finish reading my 'Breaking Dawn' book. It's all because of Jacob. pfft. Feel want to skip his chapter, but feel guilty about, that's why still havent finish reading it. I think if I was in Edward chapter (which is impossible), I might already finish the okok, enough for now. Need to continue my revision.

p/s: I miss u.

September 29, 2009

The best 22nd birthday ever:)

Hello people,
Today is my 22nd birthday, yes, I know, I'm getting I want to take this opportunity to thank to all people what wish me from 2 days ago (I know it's weird people start to wish me 2 days before my birthday, but yes, it's okay, u can wish whenever u like,right?lol), until today. Thank you to people that wish me through phone call, text, ym, msn, skype, facebook, or even in person. Thousands and zillions of thanks to all of you. sweet:)

Not to forget to my beloved mother, who was wishing me yesterday (coz she scared she might forget my birthday), for her pray for me,it was very touching when she wished the very best of luck for me for my success in the world and hereafter. Thank you,mak:)

And the very special thank you to my greatest boyfriend ever, Shahrul Nizam Azman, for the celebration (though we just celebrated through skype, but it was great:)), thank you for the birthday song that u sang (I never know u have a nice voice,sweet:)), thank you for the time u spent with me on my birthday last night, thank you for the great red rose,

the rose:)

thank you for the gift (now u know how to pronounce Lancome correctly:P) and I love the gift so much coz I've been wanting it since long time ago though I never asked from u:),

the perfume:)

thank you for the cards- one with the rose and the other one is handmade (by yourself), I love the wishes, I love every word u put in it.

the card:)

Thank you so much sayang, everything was perfect and great!:D:D:D

the flower and the perfume:)

p/s: will never forget this 22nd birthday ever:)