March 21, 2009


Dipetik dari Filem Sepi
by Baizura Kahar

bisikku pada bulan
temanku kekasihku syurgaku

tanpa dia
malam menemani aku
sepi memeluk ku

bulan jangan biar siang
biar alam ini kelam
biar ia sepi
seperti ku

This film I guess is the best ever Romantic Malay movie i've ever seen.Khabir Bhatia is really a good film director,I like all his films,the idea behind every story he made is totally different from others,not a typical Malay film.If we wanna compare Khabir Bhatia with Prof.A.Razak Mohaydeen,omg,he's far far far better than Prof.Well,to whom that never watch this movie,i strongly recommend you to watch this,and u'll never regret watching it!;)

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cikun said...

can't wait to watch it!!