March 06, 2009


1.What were u doing in the past 3 mins?
~ update blog,but then i deleted it coz rs cm tah

2.Why are u completing this survey?
~ xtau nak update ape blog nih+_+ survey can do,perhaps?:D

3.Tell us your secret weapon to attract others?
~ secret.honesty matters;)

4.What color you hate the most?
~ ntah,coklat kot?

5.What food you hate the most?
~ i dont hate food,just i dont eat's different right?:D well,kalau nak listkan,cm byk je?:D

6.What about drink?
~ xde kot.pelik je hating drink?

7.Favorite primary school subject?
~ mathematics is always a favourite subject:P

8.Which is better, secondary or primary school?
~ dua2 pon best!:D

9.Who is better, beautiful stupid girl or smart nerdy girl?
~ why dont beautiful smart girl?:D

10.Who is better, handsome rich guy or ugly smart guy?
~ err..can it be handsome rich smart guy?haha

11.Old people or small kid is harder to handle?
~ obviously,old people,they are really sensitive than kids i guess

12.Who is the last person called you with your full name?
~ mm..sape eh?HIM.

13.The name that your parents call you?
~ adik

14.Favorite teacher or lecturer?
~ aldeen;)

15.The most common word you use daily?
~ tenang buk..tenang..HAHA

16.What is the time now?
~ 11.35 pm

17.What will you do in an hour?
~ tah,tido kot.

18.What is your worst habit?
~ape eh? nak iron baju kot?

19.Is there anything you want to say to anyone?
~ nope.xmo lah ckp kat cni,xromantik.HAHA

20.Do you keep your secret?
~ obviously,name pon secret.

21.What is the brand of your wristwatch?
~ guess <--kak tmc bg

22.Your favorite day and month?
~ mm..20 feb?:D

23.When is your father’s birth date?
~ 15 feb

24.How old are you when you first fall off from your bike?
~ i guess..6?

25.How is your hair looks like?
~ pass

26.What color is your eye and hair?
~ pass

27.Chipsmore or Cereal biscuits?
~ both:D

28.Single or taken?
~ taken

29.Searching or waiting?
~ hurm?tah,waiting kot?

30.Boring or excited?
~ in the

31.Your last word is…..?
~ done!:D

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