April 19, 2009

adelaide oh adelaide.

Hi guys,
I just got back from Adelaide,spending my holidays there. not really spending my hols, coz i spent just 3 days there, from 15-18 april. well, for me, Adelaide such a nice place to study, not so much distraction, similar to tasmania i guess, and the most interesting part of Adelaide is, the people there are so nice! thx to jasmine coz gave her room for me to stay for 3 days (though I dunno where did she sleep at night), ur bed was so comfy,I like it:) and thx to Yasmin too coz she keep her promise to cook for me when I come to Adelaide, ur nasi goreng was so nice!thx thx:D and to people there coz treat us(Melbournians) so great, and u all are rocksss! cayalah!:D

p/s: ces punye blogspot,aku try nak upload gamba,tp lambat gile dia uploadkan,lalu aku pon berputus asa.lol.nvm, for pics in adelaide, can see them in my facebook:)

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