April 13, 2009

for a person called friend:)

if u've got secrets u wanna tell,
we can talk all day long,
if ur dreams get broken somehow,
i'll remind u that u belong,
if u need someplace to hide,
u can hold my hand for a while,
if ur sky begin to fall,
i'll stay wit u till u smile,
whenever u need some space,
there's my room- u can take it,
if someone breaks ur heart,
together we unbreak it,
when u sad or empty inside,
i'll show u u're not alone,
if u get lost out there,
i'll come and take u home,
i'll go with u somewhere else,
when u need to get away,
and when nothing seems to be right,
and u need a friend..

i'll be there for u:)

this poem is specially dedicated to all my beloved bestfriends, especially iqah,nadya,bad,syai,akila,linda, and anyone that I can call him/her a friend:)

p/s:sorry to whom yg xtersebut name.ramai sgt senarai dlm kepala.:D

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