May 04, 2009

Exam and Music:)

Today my exam timetable for the final exam was released. Dunno why,I already feel the tense of final.sigh. Still got plenty of assignments,projects and sooo many things to do before I really can sit down and study for final. I dunno,I just so scared with the exam, I wanna grad ASAP! Got 1 1/2 year to go,iA.. by the way people, this is my timetable(pretend u wanna know it,lol)

8 June 09 - French Intermediate
11 June 09- Classical controls 1
15 June 09- Stochastics signals and system

Yeah,that about it,I just have 3 finals since I do design lab,which doesnt have the final. I'm quite happy with my timetable because I finish a bit early than the others, which means I can enjoy myself earlier than the others coz it's been a while my exam always ended at the end of the exam day,lol. but at the same time, I'm very worry with my preparation for my final,I wanna score,I really do but Controls and Stochastics somehow are too challenging, and for reference, the failure rate for both of these subjects can be 70%.that really high.well, I hope I can do well in my final, couldnt say and yeah, after final,I was planning going to Gold Coast!yeah, well,we'll see how things going then.hehe:D

by the way,lets forget about exam,stressful thing,I found this video clip in youtube,and it's really nice,so i intend to share with u guys.Hope u'll like it too!;)


What say you?Nice right?

p/s: Thanks to Iqah coz forwarded this video to me;)

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Pycco said...

yeahh!! suka video tu.hihi..