May 16, 2009

tribute to teachers:)

I nearly forgot today is a teacher's day.Oh no, actually I always have a problem with remembering btw, this post is specially dedicated to all my teachers, Tabika Kg Talang(1993), Sekolah Kebangsaan Talang (1994-1999), Sekolah Tun Fatimah (2000-2004), University Teknologi Petronas (2005), ELS (2005), Taylor University College (2005-2006), University of Melbourne(2007-...), and a very special teacher, my beloved mother, Zainab Abd Hamid.

Cikgu Mariam.
She was my kindergarten school. She was very kind, I still remember, I entered the kindergarten when I was 6 yo, but most of my friends entered when they were 5 yo, so I was like not knowing anything, and felt left behind. She was the one helping me, and yes, eventhough I entered kindergarten at 6 yo, I was the best student in the kindergarten in 1993:). And one more thing, I hated drinking milk powder, but she was the one forcing me drank it! She was the one giving me soooo many tins of milk powder to bring home and I just threw it away.opss,sorry cikgu!:D

Cikgu Abd Karim.
He was my BM teacher when I was in primary school. He always giving us motivation to score in UPSR. I still remember he used to say this: "In the exam hall, u'll be giving a cucumber and a knife, and its ur choice how to cut it, teachers just helping teaching u how to cut it, but if u do not want to follow what teachers tought u, then it all up to u, u choose ur path, either want to success or not." He was very supportive, and he was my favourite teacher:)

Cikgu Abd Jalil.
My math teacher in primary school. He was soooo strict and fierce:-S. I still remember, everytime he entered the class, everybody had to stand and choose a number from 1-100, and answered the question. If we failed, we couldnt sit for the rest of the class period. But somehow, he was the one supported me to score in my UPSR:)

Cikgu Mohd Asri.
I used to call him 'ayah'. He was the one caused me to like maths so much since I was in primary school. He was my math teacher when I was in standard 2. I still remember, I didnt remember 'sifir 2' and I had to stay at school after school hours till I memorized it.And the next day, I tried to memorize sifir 2-12, and I did! Thank you cikgu:)

Cikgu Abdul Rahim.
Wow. Well known as 'Pak Yem'.He was the most favourite add math teacher in my school. He was the one put stf in top of the ranking for add math among SBPs for 10 years! I still remember, we needed to start our kem jaya diri for add math at 7 oclock in the morning! sursprisingly, EVERYBODY turned up sharply. err..I dont think there's anyone dare not to turn up 7am He was so fierce too, but he was very kind though. I still remember we needed to do sooo many maths questions everyday,if not, we will be punished.And for math SET 1, we had to score A1 for add math and mod math. No compromy!yes, we did:)thank you Pak Yem:D

Cikgu Jamal.
Well known as Pak Jamal. My physics teacher in stf. He was so calm but funny.haha. Whoever slept in his class, he will shoot her with his water pistol. And yes, it helped though woke people up in their dream.haha.

Ms Agnes Tan.
My physics teacher when I was in Taylor's College. She was the reason why I like physics so much till now. She kinda mother to me. Always giving me advice in studies even in life. One fact about her: She is so forgetful, that's why she doesnt has hp,coz she tends to misplace it:D

Ms Zainab Abd Hamid.
A teacher of my life. She is the one teaching me how to live, how to learn, how to appreciate, how to respect people, and she teaches me everything! Sometimes she's strict, but most of the times, she doesnt:). She's the reason why I'm here, why I score in my exams, why I'm here in Melbourne. She is the great teacher, she never ask any payment from me, and she's the reason why I want to success!Happy teacher's day, Mak:)

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jahat tul I xwish kat teacher yg penah ajar I pn...actually ada stngah tlupa nama n segan klau silap nama