July 23, 2009

Man U vs. Malaysia: New transformation for Malaysia team?

Friendly match between Man U and Malaysia football team on 18th july and 20th july in National Stadium Bukit Jalil really opened people's eyes about the ability of malaysia football team, including me. Who knows, prediction of Malaysia team will loose badly to Man U was totally wrong when Malaysia team is said 'kalah bermaruah' with the score 3-2 for the first match and 2-0 for the second match. Comparing with the last friendly match in 2006, Malaysia team lost 6-0 to Man U is said to have a very great improvement in Malaysia team. I'm not quite sure which part do they improve, whether the player's techtical, or is it because having a good coach (they've changed several couches before they found K. Rajagopal) or is it because the Malaysia team players already have the experience and expertise in football- means they are already have the talent. But whatever the reason is, this friendly match results really shocked people and opened people's eyes about the ability of OUR football team. We can see how media praise OUR team,like they never did before. Me, especially, never care about Malaysia team already knows the Malaysia's player like Amri yahya(coz he scored 2 goals for malaysia), Zaquan(more because he married with Rita Rudiani in Thai.lol) , etc.


Is it a new transformation of our football team? Most people put their hopes in these results,saying this is the  beginning of our bright future of Malaysia football,yet for me, it's still too early to decide or to put high hopes on Malaysia team. I don't mean to be pessimist, but not based from these 2 friendly match results we can conclude OUR team has transform to one kind of level which can stand in the same line with Man U, maybe its not even close with that. Yes, there is some improvements in Malaysia team, but it is too early to put high expectation on Malaysia team. But the good thing is, Malaysia team already has their own fans and people proud with them. And maybe from that they can work out on how to improve their skills. How is it connected?I dunno.LOL.


Well, what I'm trying to say here is, we cannot put a conclusion that Malaysia team has transform to a new level of standard or 'power' just based on that 2 matches with Man U. It is too early to have that conclusion.

p/s:I'm on the fence, just giving my opinion. no offense.

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