August 17, 2009

the confession of me:D

mm..i'm still in uni right now,though i've finished my classes today, still need to stay back for my ds3 project discussion with my partner. but apparently, he's busy doing the prelab for signal processing(SP) and yeah, i feel sorry for those doing SP actually,coz i heard it's damn hard.oh no, its not hard actually but it's horrible. it's quite funny when u see people struggling doing the prelab and there were quite of numbers of friends freaking out about SP and wanna kill the lecturer(just joking-i hope so.LOL). and some of them also told me that i'm so smart for dropping SP,coz it's reallly kill yeah, somehow i'm really grateful for dropping it coz then i'll surely freaking out so badly.:D even if right now, in the lab, everybody is busying doing the prelab for SP and even me can feel the stress inside here.

p/s:i'm hungry now.and i wanna eat pizza+_+