August 30, 2009

do u know what am i thinking?

what am i thinking right now?

what am i thinking right now?

what am i thinking right now?

are u sure u wanna know what am i thinking right now?
mm..(again) i do not know..i dunno what to think, or myb there are so many in my head or its nothing at all? i do not know..

sigh again..

i'm happy with my life right now, having someone that really loves me, knowing me very well, always there for me when i feel down..i'm content with him:)


but there's other thing in my head. i think, i dont know where am i going now. im lost,i suppose for the moment? mm..i mean, mm..hard to explained. is it okay if im like this? i mean, the way i am right now?'s not ok? should i be better than this? oh yes, i always wanna be better, i terms of everything? religion especially. attitude also. urgh. i feel bad. i do not know what do i want..

i hope He knows what do I want and gimme guidance..

p/s: tetibe rs nak makan megi goreng.myb that's what i want?:D

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