August 28, 2009

the good old days:( layan facebook, pas2 tgk2 laa gamba lame2,.ms kat stf dulu..sriyes rindu gile zaman selekeh2 tu,.innocent juge.hehe..too much memories to recall,.oh how much i miss stf, the good old days, where i learnt how to appreciate friendship, hardship, independent, striving for excellent, and so so soo many things to list it here,.sigh~ if and only if i can go back to the past, i will appreciate every single moment my time in stf.

I still remember, tarikh daftar 1st day in stf was 19january 2000. that time sume f1 kene stay kat block B, it was so cramped, just imagine 150students in 4dorms.gosh, dunno how i can handle it. then, ms tu kene buli2 tu bese la,oh oh, ms f1 i was about to withdraw from stf, tp ms tu, pen kanan,Ph sharifah sgt best, she gave me days off, so that i can go home:) and i am so grateful I didnt withdraw from stf, if not im afraid im not where im stding now:)

not much changed, this time still in 'selekeh' year.haha. oh oh, yg paling xleh blah, junior mst ade bau 'kepam'.haha. i dunno why, junior mst cm2.aku? bau wangi je.haha. and f2 i was in 2setia. things to note: i got my geografi 100% in f2!haha:P

critical year. PMR was around the corner. i was in 3feminin. thing i wont forget; kene lecture kat surau stf ngn pak yem, pn kamisah and cikgu2 math upper form coz ms trial sbp, math 8 org je dapat A for the whole form. even kami2 yg dapat A ni pon kene lecture skali. then, bermulalah zaman kene wat soklan math beratus2 everyday. ms tu menyampah, but today tersenyum bile igt balik:) and alhamdulillah, we got 100% A in PMR and i got 8A's too:)

honeymoon year?nah, i dont think so. same je kot?i was in 4feminin, dgn klasmate yg same,dak2 french.heh. ms eh yg best, oh oh, time physics, pak jamal ade pistol air,sape ngntuk nnt kene tembak ngn pistol air tu!but aku xpenah kene laa..coz pepandai la cover kan:P

FORM5 ni zaman paling best dlm dunia rsnye.SUPERSENIOR. sume org kenal,sure la kan f5 kotttt.hehe. sumbangsih best.and critical year: SPM! cm bese add math kene pulunnn.pak yem dgn kejamnye ms tu wat kem jaya diri kol 7pagi!cemacam la bende ms f5.sigh~ and towards the end, rs semangat batch 0004 tu mmg sgt2 terasa..omg,.i really love my formmates.the best ever buddies:) and SPM, stf memaintainkan kedudukan, ranking 1st in sbp for add math for 10 years berturut2!:D:D:D all my formmates 0004, friendship never end. miss the old days:)


f@nna FAEL said...

sumpah i gelak baca blog u yang ini !! :))))))))

pooja said...

mcm mane ko bole ingt sume details tu eh? ak lupe dah. yg ak ingt, time berpoye2 aje.

owh, dun forget, time pemilihn head prefect. sume org taknk jadi, sampai hampir2 pilih form 4. last2 ko jugak terpakse korbankan diri.

hahaha. thanx. jasemu dikenang, smpai bile2. HP paling cool. hehe