August 27, 2009

Hiroshima and Melbourne

Hiroshima is famous for "little boy", the atomic bomb dropped by the Allies. I think everyone knows that. Yesterday I went to the museum here, where it tells the world about how the atomic bomb has changed the city, it tells us that atomic bomb should be banned in any ways. Ok, why Hiroshima? why not Tokyo or Osaka? According to the museum, up to year 1945, the most populated city in Japan was Hiroshima, and next, Nagasaki. That's why Nagasaki was targeted right after Hiroshima. I'm totally angry with the US president at that time, Presiden Roosevelt and Soviet Union leader, they are the ones who were responsible for 350,000 people, either dead or badly-radiated affected.

OK, enough for that.

One of the things that I love the most about Hiroshima is the fact that it resembles Melbourne in terms of tram network. And Melbourne is my fav city. It's the city where my gf is studying now, the city where I decided that I have to be with her for the rest of my life, the city that gives me hope of loving and being loved.

To my loved sayang, Zunita Ramli,

I just love you so much!!

I just miss you so much!

I just can’t live without you!

And once again, the video that I gave to you, please watch it again eh my dear:)

I hope this ramadan gives us more chances to be better, and to be the best for each other.



::Shahrul Nizam Azman::

::Saijou, Hiroshima::   //rumah sidek



Ilhami Mustapha said...

weih2...location xpyah le ckap cikun.....knape xckap skali atas lantai umah sidek...hahahaha

bintang12 said...

wah2.ita...hehe..moge happy slalu.aku p0n sayang ita!!! yeah.

zunitaseriously said...

tan!!aku xtau ko ade blogggg..xpenah ckp ponnnn.hish.pape pon thx babe,really miss u,bile nak dtg melb plak?:P