August 28, 2009

just me

it's kinda been long time since I updated my blog. Thanks to him coz updating my blog and yeah, ur surprise really surprised me.Thanks sayang:)

Well, now I'm in the lab (again) doing the project for digital system (DS3). mm..I slept 8hours last night (I guess should be enough), but still..gotta problem with wake-up-early-in-the-morning thing. sigh~ and even now, I feel sleepy..zzzzz..+_+ but yeah, I know I shouldnt sleep too much coz I got tonnes of work to get them done asap! nx week gotta lots more to do; with the mid sems,labs, etc etc etc. Im going to die soon.haha. (err..hopefully not,I wanna get married first.haha.jk!:P)

oh oh, last night I was not-so-good-in-mood. well, to cut it short, I just do not like when people forcing me doing things that I do not like to do. If I say no, just do not try to make any attempt to force me or I'll rebel to u. I know,I know, I'm not that innocent.hehe.But thanks God, he was there to calm me down:) He knows very well how to make me smile again (though he always make me sulk too:P). And today, I woke up with very good mood, and whatever it is, I just dont wanna think about it. partner asking me to finish my simulation!haha.okok.

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