September 05, 2009

Are we really that independent?

Hello people,

Yesterday I went to a QC session at Dee's house in Pelham and we talked about 52th Independence Day which was celebrated in 31August, each year. We discussed about the meaning of independent to most Malaysians. What attracts my attention the most was how general Malaysians define the meaning of INDEPENDENCE itself. I'm so sad when seeing people's mindset; when we say about independent, what comes to their mind are 'where to celebrate?', 'what's the plan for tonight (12 o'clock celebration)', 'port for celebration, partying' and etc. Is that the meaning of independence for them? It seems like independence=partying,enjoying, time to expressing yourselves and desire. Are we really that independent? or it's just the name of freedom as in u can partying whenever u like, u can celebrating whenever u feel like to? Do our mentality are independent from these thoughts?

For me, independence day is a day where we look back to our past, and think back the sacrifices of our warriors to get the independence. How hard they have been through, how difficult they felt and how strive they were in order to get the freedom. When I say freedom, it gives a broad range of aspects, freedom from colonialism in terms of mentality, psychologically, physically and other aspects of life as well. Independence Day suppose to be a turning point where people back to reality, and realize how far they have contributed to the country, not the day where people celebrating the day, showing they already satisfied with what they got now. One thing we have to remember, independence is something that we should maintain, something that need hard work to keep it, not something that very certain will be ours forever.

p/s: Grow up Malaysia politicians! Don't be so childish! *emo*:P