September 29, 2009

The best 22nd birthday ever:)

Hello people,
Today is my 22nd birthday, yes, I know, I'm getting I want to take this opportunity to thank to all people what wish me from 2 days ago (I know it's weird people start to wish me 2 days before my birthday, but yes, it's okay, u can wish whenever u like,right?lol), until today. Thank you to people that wish me through phone call, text, ym, msn, skype, facebook, or even in person. Thousands and zillions of thanks to all of you. sweet:)

Not to forget to my beloved mother, who was wishing me yesterday (coz she scared she might forget my birthday), for her pray for me,it was very touching when she wished the very best of luck for me for my success in the world and hereafter. Thank you,mak:)

And the very special thank you to my greatest boyfriend ever, Shahrul Nizam Azman, for the celebration (though we just celebrated through skype, but it was great:)), thank you for the birthday song that u sang (I never know u have a nice voice,sweet:)), thank you for the time u spent with me on my birthday last night, thank you for the great red rose,

the rose:)

thank you for the gift (now u know how to pronounce Lancome correctly:P) and I love the gift so much coz I've been wanting it since long time ago though I never asked from u:),

the perfume:)

thank you for the cards- one with the rose and the other one is handmade (by yourself), I love the wishes, I love every word u put in it.

the card:)

Thank you so much sayang, everything was perfect and great!:D:D:D

the flower and the perfume:)

p/s: will never forget this 22nd birthday ever:)


Sarsir said...

hepi besday..ym xleh bukak kat utp..kene setting..hehe

izzahmeor said...

hepi belated burfday ita!!
smoga sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki n hepi2 slalu..
all da best throughout the years n smoga kawen cpt2! =)

p/s: bestnyer ade someone special wkt sambut burfday..:P

zunitaseriously said...

@sarsir: thx farouq.hehe.wish jeke?hihi
@izzah:thx izzah!rindu nye kat izzah!lame xjumpe!ita amenkan je doa izzah tu.hehe.and same goes to u too,girl!kawen nnt jgn lupe ajak,ok?:)

bellar0ssa said...

happy belated ta!.
byk nye perfume.btw mcmane
rose to leh segar dr jpon ke melb

zunita said...

hehe.misteri betul ros tu eh.ramai org tanye cm ko gak.hehe.actly bunge tu bukan di pos from japan, tp beli on9 kat florist kat melb ni,mtk delivery skali.kire bunge tu fresh from cni la:)

putbest said...

Ita!!! happy blated bday! lmbt gile aku wish. hehe. hopefully still valid!