September 30, 2009

Finals and me.

Hello people,
Last few days, the timetable for the final exam is out. I got mine, and I love it. So much!:)

The exam timetable

I will start my exam quite early, on 9th november with French and will finish on 19th November with DS3. I thought I will finish my exam at the very end of the exam week (as always), but not this sem (happy!). Whatever it is, I got a month from now to prepare for my finals as I cant wait till the last minutes because I won't be able to cover everything:(. Next week is week 8 for uni, that's mean I will get A LOT of things to settle, like projects (which I still have 2 of them to do in 4 weeks time), assignment (MATLAB based, which is well-known-hated-subject by me), presentation (which I havent do any preparation for that), and other things as well. Sigh~ Why lecturers always do the last minutes work as well? Everything want to be cramped at the end of the semester. Sigh again.

Ok, forget about that for a while, during the spring holidays, actually I was working on the interface of my mac, I just feel bored with the same interface, so I changed some of them. It took quite long time to do, (most of the time just finding in the internet which interfaces that I like), and I still havent finish it. Still need to change some of them.

The incomplete interface of my mac

And I still havent finish reading my 'Breaking Dawn' book. It's all because of Jacob. pfft. Feel want to skip his chapter, but feel guilty about, that's why still havent finish reading it. I think if I was in Edward chapter (which is impossible), I might already finish the okok, enough for now. Need to continue my revision.

p/s: I miss u.


aMni said...

bestnye open book.... susah ke soklan open book?

aMni said...

power x principles and applications of sensor? ade bende nak tny ni...