October 04, 2009

The birthday celebration.

Hello people,
Here I go again, sorry if my writing lately is more about myself, my life, and my routine, I know it might be boring for some people, just bear with me,okay?hehe. Apology for that, I've been busy (or more precised, lazy) these few weeks time, haven't read the newspaper so I don't have any idea what's going on so that I can give my comment on it.sigh. Need to be more hardworking.

Forget about that for a while, actually I was asked by my friends to update this blog about my belated birthday celebration last night (haha,saje je ckp kene update blog,jd jahat sikit:P). To be honest, I was surprised, as I was not expecting any celebration by them for my birthday.

My QC-mates and me with the cake

Thank you for all my QC-mates, especially Kak Murni for the delicious hand-made cake,

The delicious hand-made cake by Kak Murni.sedap!:)

Kak Syanifas for the delicious egg tart, peanuts, orange juice, coffee and the location (buat kat rumah Kak Syafinas), thank you to Linda, Diey, Wani, Kak Fad,Kak Murni, Kak Tmc, Syahirah (I was told you two also shared for the gift), and Akila for the great gift, the handbag or can I say school bag?hehe.

The beautiful handbag gift:)

I was so happy receiving the gift.Thanks:)

Thank you, thank you and thank you! Oh yes, thank you also for the cute birthday card,

The cute card

all the wishes in it, I love it! Millions of thanks to all of you.


ps: kalau cmni,nak besday tetiap hr lah:P


-- Life At A Glance -- said...

siap mention kitorg soh tu =(

nway, sorry sakat Ita pasal best birthday ever tu..hahha...
menarik tgk reaction anda...lala

p/s: name Diey xde eh?

zunitaseriously said...

alamak,haha.dah igt nak tulis,tp tertinggal plak ms taip.hehe. and time kasih kat diey jugak la eh: