October 07, 2009

My bad habit.

Hello people,
I have a bad habit. And I believe everyone does. Or maybe I would say, most people do. My bad habit is, I like drinking coffee and energy drink. I know maybe some people do not consider this is the bad habit, but I do, coz I take it everyday and it give bad side effects on me. The solely and only reason I take them is; TO BOOST MY ENERGY LEVEL. If I don't consume them, I will fall asleep in class, even I try my hard not to, and I will easily lose my concentration (tau2 je kelas da abes). The only solution, or I would say, the short-cut-solution is drinking coffee and energy drink. Do not misleading with that statement, I only take one of them at a time. At first I will take coffee, till it doesn't give me the effect that I want anymore, I will move to energy drink. This is a really2 bad habit. WARNING: Do not imitate this. The bad thing about drinking coffee and energy drink (especially on me) is it makes my lips go super dry. And I hate when my lips are dry cause it makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

So I went to google about this matter as the curiosity begins to kill me and I found these:

Caffeine is diuretic. An excessive amount of it will cause the skin to dry as the consumer is forced to urinate more often. More info, click here. Hence, this will leads to the depletion of water. As the caffeine is an antagonist to the receptor for the neurotransmitter adenosine, hence people who regularly consume caffeine will increase the adenosine receptor. The increasing number of adenosine receptor causes 2 thing: firstly it causes tolerance adaptation and secondly, make individuals much more sensitive to adenosine.Caffeine tolerance develops very quickly, especially among heavy coffee and energy drink consumers.

What is tolerance adaptation?
Tolerance adaptation is when ur body needs more amount of caffeine to give the same effects as the first time u take the caffeine. This isnt good since ur body will need more and more of caffeine at the same time disturbing the stability of the receptor system.

What is the bad thing having much more sensitivity to adenosine?
A reduction in caffeine intake will effectively increase the normal physiological effects of adenosine, resulting in unwelcome withdrawal symptoms in tolerant users.

Withdrawal symptoms:
i)headache and nausea
ii) fatigue
iii) anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate and diminished motivation to initiate or to complete daily tasks
iv)headache, irritability, an inability to concentrate, drowsiness, insomnia and pain in the stomach, upper body, and joints

for more information, please click here.

ps: Why I do all these again? ok,shud study!!

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pemilik kopi said...

to me with or without coffee, i will sleep in the class no matter what..hehehe:p