November 29, 2009

Interesting things to share:D

I found these on the internet:

p/s: thx to my bf for the stumbler!:D:D

To whoever they are.

I know some people just do not know how to shut their mouth up, or how to not menyibuk-hal-org, or how to talk properly. I'm so sick with all these people. Can u people mind ur own business? I don't get it, if u don't like to know what I'm doing, or what I'm writing, stop reading that. stop following me on twitter, or blog or facebook. If u feel menyampah with my writing, why u do u care to follow me? to read anything that i write? like some of u never did it.huh. ckp mcm bagus, ckp itu, ckp ini, tp sndr pon same, even lg teruk pon ade. so what's the different? I just don't get this kind of people, why you people still following or reading something that u don't like to read? u can put me in some kind of filter if u want, or just stop following me. i never care about that,okay?

kpd penyibuk2 sekelian, mind ur own business, okay?

November 26, 2009

esok raya?

mm..esok da raye,.rasa sayu bukan first time raye kt melbourne ni, but first time for raya haji laa..rasa suram sgt2..myb sbb ramai yg da balik msia kan,.so rs kosong gak laa..program pon xde sgt, sbb org xde..mmg xde rs nk raye lansung esok..sedih je kan? preparation raye pon xde. jgn kan kate baju raya, kuih raye pon xde. aih..esok duk umah je la nampaknye.. nk tgk tv pon, bukannye ade program best utk raya
sabar je la pon kt perantauan..

p/s: happy eid adha to everyone!:)

November 18, 2009

On the verge of freedom.

Just one paper left tomorrow, digital system III,
and I will officially done with my 3rd year:)
May Allah make it ease for me, insyaAllah:)
and to him, who also have the mid sem test tomorrow,
may Allah make it ease for you too:)
Can't wait to finish the exam!!
Err..that doesn't mean I'm prepared enough,
Just can't wait to finish the exam.hehe:D

To all,
Pray for me,OK?

November 16, 2009

I'm talking about YOU.


It's been long time I try to be patience with u. Honestly, I dunno what's my mistakes or what is the thing that u don't like about me. Like I care?HAHA. But can u please not treating me as if I am an alien? U ignore me, fine, I don't care coz u'r not anyone to me. But what's the problem when u have to tell me something, just tell me straight? why u need to tell someone else to tell me? It's not once or twice u did that, it's countless time! I dunno why it's so hard for u to talk to me. are u jealous coz I'm sweet person? oh yes, myb u are. HAHA.

When im around u treated me like in an alien or myb u just cannot see me? oh yes, myb im invisible. no wonder when u ask anyone else about something, u didn't say a word to me. NICE. I know u r smart, but don't underestimate people around u. u know what, I hate being underestimated. U think u r great, up to u la kan, what u wanna think about urself, like I care, but please dont underestimste other people. Hello, ilmu tu Allah yg punye, kalau Dia nak, bile2 mase je dia bole tarik balik. Don't be too arrogant with what u have now. Once He take back what u have now, padan muke.heh.

All these while, I try to ignore EVERY action that u did to me. But, I have my limit. and u have to know it. How many times I stop myself from slapping u. Well,u should feel grateful for that,ok?

p/s: U are smart, aren't u?If not, xkan la underestimate org laen kot kan?heh. I guess u know I'm talking about YOU.

November 14, 2009


for full song, click here.

Every time you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can`t see which way to go
Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can`t repent
And that its way too late
Your`re so confused,wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He`s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don`t let me go astray
You`re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way 2x
Insya Allah3x
Insya Allah we`ll find the way

p/s: His voice is really wonderful:)

November 12, 2009

Pisau Cukur

p/s: cm best je!

The confession of me.

Hey you!
I'm tired with you.
I had enough.
You test my patience,
You test my emotions,
You just don't bother about my feeling, do you?
Have you ever think how I feel about you?
Have you?
Or you just so innocent and pretend for not knowing anything?
It's been so long I've been waiting for this moment,
To say everything that I feel about you.
You are selfish.
Yes, you are.
Don't deny it.
And I hate you, signals.

November 09, 2009

Exam and weather.

Hello people,

I just sit my first exam today, it was Intermediate French B. Considering I just studied for 2 days for that subject, I think I did quite well. Thanks to all who prayed for me especially to my mum and my beloved boyfriend, thank you so much.

Okay, let's put aside about the exam thing. One thing is on my mind right now is; Melbourne is SO HOT! why oh whyyyyyyyy?? It's not even summer yet. Gosh. Today temperature is 34 degree! can u imagine how hot is that? I don't mind if I just stay at home, but the thing is I need to go to the exam hall tgh2 hari buta, which is far away from my house, 40min walking distance. I got headache when it's too hot and it affects my mood for the exam as well. sigh~

p/s: okay,tetibe emo sbb yg xsabar nk g jepun yg sejuk!:D

November 07, 2009


Hello people,

Feeling wanna update this blog, but I just dont have any idea what to talk about.

Just exam..exam..exam.. itu je ade dlm kepala otak aku skg.

p/s: 39 days before I reach Japan:)

November 04, 2009

The reality.

Some people always think studying overseas is so much fun compared to local, especially those who studies in local university. But they do not know, the difficulties that we need to face here (or maybe it's just me). What they do see is: living in overseas is wonderful, living in 4 seasons country, can feel the snow, winter, roses are everywhere, spring, fall, can travel and seeing other culture, etc. To certain extend, yes, I agree with them, otherwise I against it.

1. I do not like winter.
Maybe those who never feel winter are very keen to touch the snow, feeling the coldness, etc. But, u just need to know, after sometime, u'll get annoyed with the coldness, coz u can't do anything with it. The weather turns to be very gloomy (especially during winter), it's always rain during the winter, which is the main contribution to the coldness. Having said that, I always turn my heater on during the winter which caused me to spend almost $600 just for electricity bill!

2. Studying here is very challenging
I do not know what is the condition for other course, coz I'm doing electrical engineering, of coz there are a very few of us (female) in the class. Being the minority (gender) in the class is one of the challenge that I need to face. Being minority (race-Malays) in the class also a challenge for me. Being in top 40 universities in the world also force me to keep up with the materials that they teach in class quickly. In reality, I got some friends who couldn't keep up with these phase, which then quitted from studying here, and went back to Malaysia. With the requirement from the sponsor also put some pressure on me.

3. Homesickness
Somehow, when u are pressure, home is the most wanted thing u ever demanded for. But, u know u can't get that. without having enough money to buy a flight ticket, and suitable time to travel force us to just stay here.

p/s: sebenarnye, aku nak cepat abes xm+_+

November 02, 2009

Quick updates

Hello people,

It's been long time since I update my blog. beselah, bz sikit da nak final ni kan.hehe. I finished my semester already and starts the study week for a week, then final lah kan. dunno what to jot down, just a quick update:

- I've sent my last assignment for this sem today. no more assignment for 3rd year (YAY!)
- Going to have xm next week, and I just gotta time to study today.
- 44days left before I can reach Japan (YAY again!)
- can't wait for New Moon to release in Melbourne
- Serabutness di kepala coz I got so many things to study and the xm is just around the corner.Gosh!

that's it.