November 09, 2009

Exam and weather.

Hello people,

I just sit my first exam today, it was Intermediate French B. Considering I just studied for 2 days for that subject, I think I did quite well. Thanks to all who prayed for me especially to my mum and my beloved boyfriend, thank you so much.

Okay, let's put aside about the exam thing. One thing is on my mind right now is; Melbourne is SO HOT! why oh whyyyyyyyy?? It's not even summer yet. Gosh. Today temperature is 34 degree! can u imagine how hot is that? I don't mind if I just stay at home, but the thing is I need to go to the exam hall tgh2 hari buta, which is far away from my house, 40min walking distance. I got headache when it's too hot and it affects my mood for the exam as well. sigh~

p/s: okay,tetibe emo sbb yg xsabar nk g jepun yg sejuk!:D


bellar0ssa said...

meh dtg india ta..tgh sejuk minta maapla.xdelah snowy pon ta..weh babe.all da best k!!

wanita mustanir said...

hey, ita..
nampaknya u tak sabo nak gi tokyo eh??

so, u kena la belikan kita buah tangan.. hehehe

i tuntut tau nanti..