November 02, 2009

Quick updates

Hello people,

It's been long time since I update my blog. beselah, bz sikit da nak final ni kan.hehe. I finished my semester already and starts the study week for a week, then final lah kan. dunno what to jot down, just a quick update:

- I've sent my last assignment for this sem today. no more assignment for 3rd year (YAY!)
- Going to have xm next week, and I just gotta time to study today.
- 44days left before I can reach Japan (YAY again!)
- can't wait for New Moon to release in Melbourne
- Serabutness di kepala coz I got so many things to study and the xm is just around the corner.Gosh!

that's it.

1 comment:

Jaj@n said...

happy exam day..
gudluck to u..!!

wish me luck too..