November 04, 2009

The reality.

Some people always think studying overseas is so much fun compared to local, especially those who studies in local university. But they do not know, the difficulties that we need to face here (or maybe it's just me). What they do see is: living in overseas is wonderful, living in 4 seasons country, can feel the snow, winter, roses are everywhere, spring, fall, can travel and seeing other culture, etc. To certain extend, yes, I agree with them, otherwise I against it.

1. I do not like winter.
Maybe those who never feel winter are very keen to touch the snow, feeling the coldness, etc. But, u just need to know, after sometime, u'll get annoyed with the coldness, coz u can't do anything with it. The weather turns to be very gloomy (especially during winter), it's always rain during the winter, which is the main contribution to the coldness. Having said that, I always turn my heater on during the winter which caused me to spend almost $600 just for electricity bill!

2. Studying here is very challenging
I do not know what is the condition for other course, coz I'm doing electrical engineering, of coz there are a very few of us (female) in the class. Being the minority (gender) in the class is one of the challenge that I need to face. Being minority (race-Malays) in the class also a challenge for me. Being in top 40 universities in the world also force me to keep up with the materials that they teach in class quickly. In reality, I got some friends who couldn't keep up with these phase, which then quitted from studying here, and went back to Malaysia. With the requirement from the sponsor also put some pressure on me.

3. Homesickness
Somehow, when u are pressure, home is the most wanted thing u ever demanded for. But, u know u can't get that. without having enough money to buy a flight ticket, and suitable time to travel force us to just stay here.

p/s: sebenarnye, aku nak cepat abes xm+_+


izzahmeor said...


nnt abes exam sure lega pnya!

bellar0ssa said...

ita....gudluck ok..all da best dear..u can do it..~moge Allah permudahkan urusanmu ita!