November 29, 2009

To whoever they are.

I know some people just do not know how to shut their mouth up, or how to not menyibuk-hal-org, or how to talk properly. I'm so sick with all these people. Can u people mind ur own business? I don't get it, if u don't like to know what I'm doing, or what I'm writing, stop reading that. stop following me on twitter, or blog or facebook. If u feel menyampah with my writing, why u do u care to follow me? to read anything that i write? like some of u never did it.huh. ckp mcm bagus, ckp itu, ckp ini, tp sndr pon same, even lg teruk pon ade. so what's the different? I just don't get this kind of people, why you people still following or reading something that u don't like to read? u can put me in some kind of filter if u want, or just stop following me. i never care about that,okay?

kpd penyibuk2 sekelian, mind ur own business, okay?

1 comment:

bellar0ssa said...

hey dear,nape ni??