December 18, 2009

Japan: Day 1&2

Hello people,

Now I'm in Japan and having a very great time here:). Today is my 3rd day in Japan and we are planning to go to Tokyo Tower and some places around there. Yesterday I went to Ueno park and Akihabara. Ueno Park is basically just a park with a lot of things inside. There are zoo, exhibition, playground, museums, etc.

Just arrived in Cairns- transit to Narita Airport

So I guess you guys can imagine how big is the park, right? Sampai lenguh la kaki ni berjalan.adeyh. There are so many museums inside, like national art museum, national science museum, national museum of japan, etc. We just went to national museum of Japan coz dah xlarat nk jalan.haha. serious penat gile. coz we are students, so we got discount for the entree, 400 yen per person (approx RM14). There are 6 buildings inside, Heiseikan, Honkan, Hyokeikan, Toyokan, Horyuji Homotsukan, and err..xigt lg satu:D The museum was awesome!

In front of Heiseikan

In front of Honkan

The sophisticated toilet- There is controller for urinate, etc. Interesting, huh?

The sophisticated sink in the toilet- automatic soap, water flow and drier at one sink

After the museum, we went to buy onigiri coz we were too hungry. This is the thing, they do not understand english, and I do not know how to speak Japanese. nak buat cerita, I wanna know what is the content of the onigiri (so that I know whether it's halal or not). I asked in english, and they responded in japanese. tp seb baek they know ikan is fish in english. when they said fish and some other japanese words, okay, i knew that onigiri contained fish.haha. but it's fun speaking english with them:D

This onigiri cost 140 yen (approx RM4.50)

Next, we went to Akihabara. OMG, to those who anime freaks or electronic geeks, Akihabara is a must place to go. It is an electronic town, mmg heaven gile shopping kt sini. All new technologies of electronic can be gotten here. Having said that, this town is quite busy.

Akihabara, the electronic town in Tokyo

We went back about 630pm coz I couldnt stand with my boots anymore, kaki sudey lenguh gile. On the way back, we missed our stop coz we didn't understand japanese!! They made the announcement in Japanese and no translation in english at all.haih. But I guess it was an interesting experience coz got some times we asked direction from japanese, and you can see how hard they try to speak english. but at least, they try,right?:)

December 13, 2009

Japannn!! Here I comeeee!!

Hello peeps,

In 2 days time, I gonna go to Japan. I'm 89% finish packing, and I got my mood to go to Japan back!hehe.. excited betul nk jumpe si dia.ehem2. oh oh, I will be there for 3 weeks, and we are planning to travel from Tokyo-Mount Fiji-Hakone-Nagoya-Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Tokyo. Fuh~ I bet, the journey would be awesome! hehe. I already got my Exchange Order to get my JR Pass (Japan Railway Pass), so that I can use shinkansen (bullet train). weeehoo~ There are lots of places we are planning to go and lots of thing we are going to do, which means lots of fulus keluar mcm air. haih. but I guess, it will be worth it, ala, sekali sekala, xpe la kan? This year, I didn't travel that far, just went to Adelaide during the Easter break..:(

Shinkansen with Mt Fuji background

Universal Studio of Japan @Osaka

Geisha @Kyoto

Japan is in winter now, so I guess the temperature can go down to 0 degree.. So I prepared myself with lots of thick clothes, i gonna bring lots of jackets, long coat, bubble jacket, gloves, winter socks, etc. that's why my check in luggage went over 20kg! and my hand luggage is full of foods, weigh exactly 7kg! haha. gile ita nih, g jepun, bwk food bebanyak.xpe,winter itu melaparkannn:D

Oh oh, I already change my dollar to yen. Current exchange rate is: $1 = 80 yen. So I changed about $100, dapat laa 8000 yen. hehe.. For the first time, I hold Japanese notes!:D:D I gonna bring my mac kesayangan, alongside with my beloved vaio external hardisk, so that I can download the movies in Japan dgn sesuka hati. Yelah, ade org tu bangga dgn speed internet dia kt Japan kan:P

All in all, I'm very excited, and I hope my journey will go well as planned.:)
And to all of you, happy holidays!


December 12, 2009



When things go wrong,
As they sometimes will,
When the road
you're trudging
seems all uphill,
When the funds are low,
and the debts are high,
and you want to smile,
but you have to sigh,
when care is pressing you
down a bit--
rest if you must,

Success is failure
turned inside out,
the silver tint of
the clouds of doubt,
and you never can tell
how close you are,

So, stick to
the fight when
It's when things go wrong

p/s: m very inspired by this:)

December 06, 2009

The place where I used to belong.

School Song (Malay version)

Maju maju maju segera maju
Berbaris menempuh rintangan
Tun Fatimah maju bersama maju
Mencapai cita-cita
Dan harapan ibu pertiwi

Kamilah penuntut Tun Fatimah
Mendukung cita-cita yang suci
Bergerak maju cita dituju
Di bawah semangat dan urat nadi
Serikandi Tun Fatimah

Muzik : Juliette Lai
Lirik : Ainon Mohd

(English version)

Together we join hands to reach our goals,
With spirit and dignity we stand,
Tun Fatimah you will always be our leader,
Our quest is fulfilling the hopes of our nation.

We are the generation of tomorrow,
To be the guide to show what we can be,
Tun Fatimah you have our promise,
We'll be the guide, we'll be the light,
and be your pride,
United we stand, Tun Fatimah.

p/s: there where I used to belong.

Politic: where are we heading to?

Yesterday, I went to a talk given by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) in Melbourne University. Honestly, I'm not very good in politics, and I rarely follow what's going on in Malaysia politics nowadays. But yesterday talk made me wonder, I will be one of the citizen that can change the future of Malaysia, someday. Though politics seems not entertain at all, but it's one of my responsibilities to decide the future of my country.

I'm saying this does not mean I'm agree with the opposition. It just make me think, how valuable I'm to the country, and my vote can be very significant to the Malaysia's future. Frankly speaking, the opposition get the point, and they were very convincing, especially DSAI. He knew the things that he spoke, I can see he had his firm stand, and he was very confident when answering questions. I respect that. Very respect.

But there were some points that I disagree with him.

1. DSAI said it would be better if we open the Dean or Vice Chancellor position to non-Malays so that we can improve the education performance in the university.
I don't agree with this because it's not the only solution to improve the education performance in the university. There might be some other ways,for instance;

i) The selection of the students into the university must be very tight- we increase the admission requirement, so that only the best students can get into the university.
ii) The way of teaching must be improved- there must be a survey run at the end of the semester, asking the opinion from the students how the quality of teaching can be improved.
iii) The quality of education must be improved- this different from above point in the sense that the way university gives the marks to students. Stop doing not-making-sense-thing like attendance marks to lecture (the students can cheat-like I used to do), and etc.

Why not non-Malays?
Even if we take non-Malays, I don't think it would solve the problem entirely since there are other causes that caused the problem. And what's the different then?
2. DSAI said we should unite as one entity- Malaysia.
DSAI suggested there should be no distinction between Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other races as well. I kind of agree with this; but we have to remember, at some points, Malays have the priority with Hak keistimewaan melayu. And we all agreed this matter cannot be touched, and argued. We all know that. And even if, let say one day we demolish the hak keistimewaan melayu, and the Prime Minister is Chinese or Indian or any other races than Malay, I think they will also give the priority to their own race. I understand what DSAI's trying to do, trying to convince us, but he has to understand not all the people think the same way that he is. Once they have power, we don't know what will happen.

3. DSAI blame the government for so many aspects
Well, I know it's normal for an opposition to blame the government for so many aspects, that why we call them OPPOSITION. But, I wonder, why NOW he stand up and blame so many things from government? Why after he quitted from UMNO and after went into prison? Why not when he was in the government? Yes, DSAI said since he was in the government he used to oppose so many things, but why not so loud like nowadays?

4. DSAI made a general conclusion from a specific incident
When DSAI answered the question, he always gives his personal experience as an example, and jump to a general conclusion. For me, that should not be the case, because I do not know weather that's really the case or he has the benefit behind that. I don't know. So, I personally think, he should not make a general conclusion from a specific experience, because then he does not look like professional to me.

I'm not saying government is perfect. Government also has it's own weaknesses. But at least, they are trying to improve, and I can see they are improving in some ways. Yet, I think, people in government should wake up, stop arguing about stupid things, and show the leadership. If not, anything can happen. Anyway, that's politic is all about.

p/s: Tetibe semangat politik lak.aiseyh.

December 02, 2009

A lil bit of reminder:)

If there were a Qur'an with which mountains were moved, or the earth were cloven asunder, or the dead were made to speak, (this would be the one!) But, truly, the command is with Allah in all things! Do not the Believers know, that, had Allah (so) willed, He could have guided all mankind (to the right)? But the Unbelievers,- never will disaster cease to seize them for their (ill) deeds, or to settle close to their homes, until the promise of Allah come to pass, for, verily, Allah will not fail in His promise.

When I read this verse in Quran, I remembered my Christian friend used to debate with me about Islam and Christianity. To be honest, I'm not a religious person, and but somehow I have my religion and I believe in God, I have faith in Allah.

He always want to debate with me about small thing. I mean, for me, you don't even need to question it, but he likes to ask me until I couldn't answer his question. Once, he used to bring a conversation about hijab (tudung). He always asks, why got some Muslims wear the mask (he means purdah), and some of them close everything even they have to see through the net that enclosed their eyes. He said, it ridiculous. It's nonsense when you are just allowed to wear black long clothes (black jubah). He used to ask, if I were in France, do I take off my hijab? coz most of the universities in France, there are no distinction in religion, which means you cannot wear anything that shows your religion identity, including the hijab. I said, no. I would never ever take off my hijab. He asked me back, why wouldn't you? You should respect their law, their culture, cause you are in their country. You can't act as if you are in Malaysia. I just smile, and here's my simple answer:

Wherever you go, regardless of anywhere, you bring along your religion. Whatever rules they are, your religion is your priority. Religion itself has their own rules. If you put your religion is your priority, there should be no confusion for not obeying the country's law. France law is just conservative law. You and I both believe, there's hereafter. So, there should be no argument about God's law.

He still want to argue more about it, but it seems like he cannot think of anything to counter my argument. Like Allah said, from 13:31; Do not the Believers know, that, had Allah (so) willed, He could have guided all mankind (to the right)?

May Allah always guide me and my loved ones to the right path. Amen~