December 18, 2009

Japan: Day 1&2

Hello people,

Now I'm in Japan and having a very great time here:). Today is my 3rd day in Japan and we are planning to go to Tokyo Tower and some places around there. Yesterday I went to Ueno park and Akihabara. Ueno Park is basically just a park with a lot of things inside. There are zoo, exhibition, playground, museums, etc.

Just arrived in Cairns- transit to Narita Airport

So I guess you guys can imagine how big is the park, right? Sampai lenguh la kaki ni berjalan.adeyh. There are so many museums inside, like national art museum, national science museum, national museum of japan, etc. We just went to national museum of Japan coz dah xlarat nk jalan.haha. serious penat gile. coz we are students, so we got discount for the entree, 400 yen per person (approx RM14). There are 6 buildings inside, Heiseikan, Honkan, Hyokeikan, Toyokan, Horyuji Homotsukan, and err..xigt lg satu:D The museum was awesome!

In front of Heiseikan

In front of Honkan

The sophisticated toilet- There is controller for urinate, etc. Interesting, huh?

The sophisticated sink in the toilet- automatic soap, water flow and drier at one sink

After the museum, we went to buy onigiri coz we were too hungry. This is the thing, they do not understand english, and I do not know how to speak Japanese. nak buat cerita, I wanna know what is the content of the onigiri (so that I know whether it's halal or not). I asked in english, and they responded in japanese. tp seb baek they know ikan is fish in english. when they said fish and some other japanese words, okay, i knew that onigiri contained fish.haha. but it's fun speaking english with them:D

This onigiri cost 140 yen (approx RM4.50)

Next, we went to Akihabara. OMG, to those who anime freaks or electronic geeks, Akihabara is a must place to go. It is an electronic town, mmg heaven gile shopping kt sini. All new technologies of electronic can be gotten here. Having said that, this town is quite busy.

Akihabara, the electronic town in Tokyo

We went back about 630pm coz I couldnt stand with my boots anymore, kaki sudey lenguh gile. On the way back, we missed our stop coz we didn't understand japanese!! They made the announcement in Japanese and no translation in english at all.haih. But I guess it was an interesting experience coz got some times we asked direction from japanese, and you can see how hard they try to speak english. but at least, they try,right?:)


Hana said...

ita ita ita~! cepat la mari ke osaka!! hehe..
[tengah tergolek buat thesis padahal]

tukang cop setem said...


best nye japan!! hahaha :))

bobhandburry said...

pengembaraan yang menarik.. best2..