April 10, 2010


I always complain about Malaysians behavior generally. Don't get me wrong, I'm saying that I'm so good so whatever, but this is my personal opinions.

1. Customer service
mmm.. this is the main thing that I always complain about. Just imagine, how can you work as the customer service if you don't even know how to smile. It's not only to customer service, but to other profession dealing with general people, like sales girl, cashier, waiter/waitress, etc. We're customers, and we have right to ask anything from you, and you don't have right to 'buat muka' or put the anger on your face. that is just not a right thing to do. It's waaaaaaaaaaayyy different than here, I mean Australia. They treat us as if we're VIP. I'm not asking to treat us as VIP, but smiling is just enough, at least for me.

2. Social behavior
I used to talk to some foreigners here, how they feel about Malaysian. Amazingly, they said Malaysians are pretty friendly. I was shocked, do they? I asked to myself, are the Malaysians very friendly or the foreigners just saying good thing about Malaysians coz I'm a Malaysian? But after a while, I think they are true in some ways, coz they are matsaleh. Beselah, kalau mat saleh dtg malaysia, mst dapat layanan superstar nye. xkesah la sape mat saleh tu kan. heh. Usually, we (Malaysians) treat foreigners better than we treat our own nationality. wonder why? I dunno too. Heh. That's the typical behavior of Malaysians.

3. Ethics on the road.
If you say Malaysian drivers are careful on the road, you are ABSOLUTELY wrong. I dunno what's wrong with Malaysians, but they're just so rude on the road. xcaye? dtg cni and compare drivers here and in Malaysia.

4. Honesty
Ni xyah ckp ah. I could say, 1 out of 1000 people in Malaysia can be trusted or honest. Okay, I got one case here, last couple of month, my bf and I watched movie in the cinema. After we finished watching, we just went out from the cinema without noticing my bf had dropped his iPhone on the seat! After dah ramai2 klua baru perasan kott!! punyelah cuak, we tried to go back to our seats, but just imagine the crowd that time, and we needed to oppose the crowd. then, out of nowhere, there was a couple, I remembered they sat next to us, gave the iPhone to my bf. heh. iPhone kot? kalau kat msia, xyah cite pon korang tau kan kesudahannye.

Haih. just look at the Klang River. Indah bukan? Last summer, I went to Reserve Forest in Miri (if I'm not mistaken). Just imagine, sungai kat dlm hutan simpan pon bole tercemar ngn sampah2. haih. tu baru sungai, xtgk lagi kt tepi2 jalan. Got one time, I was in the car, and there was a man, drinking a can of orange or whatever, cant remember, at the side of the road. After the finished drinking, he just threw the can away on the road. I was so shocked that time. Didnt he feel guilty throwing the thrash away everywhere he likes? I just do not understand how those kind of people think.sigh~

p/s: Penah gak terpk nk wat entry pasal sikap baik Malaysians, tp cm susah je kene pk. heh. pessimist kan aku?

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Sarsir said...

Quite agree with some and didnt agree with several

1.customer service: this is quite true...especially at supermarket..here, they always greet us with a smile and politely ask "how are you today sir?".."kat Malaysia mmg xdpt la...hehe"
2.social behavior: not that agree because I think Malaysian are way more friendly..from what I see in UK (don't know about Australia), they don't care about whatever you do although it's wrong until you ask them but the Malaysian will always "tegur and nasihatkan" if we did something wrong. It is a good social behaviour right?
3.Ethics on the road: AGREE TOTALLY!! Do you ever seen in Malaysia if we almost went into a no-entry road, they will stop, reverse and let you u-turn without any horn at all.
4.to put 1/1000 people is honest in Malaysia is too much I think. It means only 30000 people in Malaysia is honest. It's your luck to find a very honest Australian people at that time. There was one time at Malaysia, i left my handphone at a cinema, after 2 hours, i went back there and guess what, i managed to get it back at the entrance counter. It depends on "ketentuan tuhan...bersyukur kalau kite dpt blk tp anggaplah xde rezeki kite kalu xdpt blk kan"
5. AGREE TOTALLY!!...they even have recycle in house ethic..that's hard to see in Malaysia..haha