April 01, 2010

The new firefox.

Hello peeps,

Just to show off something, about the new firefox in my MAC! haha. I really2 do like it, but apparently I'm still using my beloved safari. hehe. I think most of u may have already updated it, just me lil bit slow, coz I seldom use firefox though. These are the things that I put in my latest version of firefox:

Persona: Elmo
Browsing tab: Foxtab
All-in-one feature: Yoono

I like Yoono coz it combined all of the accounts,i.e facebook, twitter, yahoo messanger, MSN massenger, flickr, etc in one interface. interesting,huh? oh oh, there are lotsa add-on too with cool features for your firefox:)

thare's more reasons to love technology:)

1 comment:

Badriah Burhan said...

Aku punye theme: M.A.C. Woot~!! :D