April 10, 2010

To you.

Dear you,

I'm so sorry for all these while, I keep making dramas though I know you don't want to bother about it. I know you care about me so much, I know you always taking care of me, I know you always want the best for me. I know sometimes I make you angry, yet you never talk to me about that, you tried to be indifferent. I know you have feelings, I know you just want fight-less night.

Yet, I feel very guilty about all these. I feel guilty about you. I feel guilty about what have I done to you, to your life, to your freedom, to your needs. I read your blog, I read your post. I just cant believe I did something bad to someone that cares about me so much. I just lost my words..

I don't know whether you bother reading my blog anymore, but if you do, I just want to let you know, I care about you. And for you, I'll improve myself. No more sleepless night. No more sleeping in somewhere you are not belong to. I mean this. I want to change. Because of you.

From someone who feels very guilty about you,

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