May 25, 2010

Quick updates

mm..da lame xtulis blog rasenye..been so busy lately.nak tulis pon xde idea sgt lah.well, xde ape sgt nk tulis pon, just a few updates from me:

i) this week is the last week for the teaching period (week 12)
ii) that doesnt mean I dont have assignmnt/project to do - that is, i still have 2 more assignments, and 1 project to submit this week
iii) gonna have the first exam on the first day of the exam week, (7 June)
iv) yet, havent really sit down and study for my final
v) not going home (malaysia) for winter, probably will do some part-time job, or working on my FYP (it's on halt now)
vi) i'm terribly homesick actually - with all the workloads, really wanna go home and having ayam percik or satay or kropok lekor (malam td mimpi makan keropok lekor T_T)
vii) last but not least, i miss him so much..i mean, deadly missing's 10 more months to go before I can see him again. sigh~

well, that's the update for now. wish me luck for my final exam, people!


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