May 09, 2010

Tribute to a wonderful mother.

Sunday, 9th May 2010,
Parkville, Melbourne,

Dear Mum,

It has been almost 23 years you give your love, you teach me how to be a good person, you teach me how to be a good muslim, you teach me how to be a good child, you teach me how to respect people, you teach me every single thing. I still remember, when I was small, I like to cry every single morning before going to school, as in crying in the morning before going to school is a MUST. But you always patient with me, you treat me well when I sulk, you will buy anything that I want if you can afford it (unless a motorbike when I was 7 yo-that was the craziest thing I ever demanded from you). I still remember, there was one time, late dad was so angry with me, he wanted to give punishment to me, but you stopped him coz you said you love me. When I cried, you hugged me.

Whenever I hit the hardest brick in my life, you always there to support me. I still remember the stressfulness that I faced while I was doing Cambridge A-LEVEL. I cried to you, coz I couldn't take it anymore. But you always there to support me, you gave me hope, you convinced me I could do it, and yes, it turned out I got straight A's for my final exam compared to all D's during the trial. Thank you, mum.

When dad passed away, you were the strongest person I ever seen to face the situation. You were calm. I know, deep inside you cried. But you never show that to your children. You made me inspired you. Sometimes, I envy you. And I respect you. And I love you so much.

I know sometimes, the things that I did upset you. But I never meant to do that, mum. If I ever hurt your feeling, intentionally or unintentionally, I am truly sorry, really2 sorry.. I really want to be the best child in the world for you, now and hereafter, InsyaAllah..

Last but not least,



Zunita Ramli

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