June 17, 2010

Blogger award la pulak yeh

Haiyoh, setelah sekian lame xade mende alah ni, tetibe telah ditag utk menerime award lah pulak yeh. baiklah2. Disebabkan saudari Khazliqah Nordin telah menganugerahkan award ni, terime lah yeh. There you go!

First step, Thank the person who gave you the award and link the person.

My a very HUGE thank you to cik iqa coz gimme this award:)

Second step,Spread the words to 10 bloggers who you like and you think their blog are awesome .

mmm..sesape lah rs blog dia awesome, silelah buat ye.haha.jgn risau,perasan sendiri pon ok.

Last step, Tell 5 thing about yourself.

5 things about myself? mm..there you go;

1. Now tgh struggling for my final paper for this sem.
2. Got lotsa things to do this winter break.
3. Just lost my lovely-the-only-gold-bracelet-gift from my mum
4. I love cats, and roses. but I love my boyfriend more.
5. Missing STF so much lately. dunno why. dont ask me.

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