June 08, 2010

Do you want to live forever?

Hello people!

Here I go again, it's been long time since I update this blog. Oh well, I'm having my final exam now, quite busy studying lately ( and I can say I'm lazy to update too!.LOL). Okay, enough with the rants, now I wanna talk about something I think serious. Seriously? Oh yeah. haha. ok ok, serious. This is serious.

If you are given a choice to live forever, would you want to take it?
If that question is asked to me, my answer is NO.

Okay fine, to be honest, at first, I thought yes, then after made some thinking, I change my answer to NO.

I always feel scared to become old (this is so honest from me). I mean, to be like nenek kebayan si bongkok 3, wrinkle all over my body, everything, well I mean like hands, legs, will not be as strong as I used to be when I was young. Same goes for the lung, kidney, heart, and maybe I will be so fragile to various kind of diseases coz of the very weak antibody, etc etc. I do not want to become old. I used to think to stay young forever, as if I cam meet Edward, I wanna be his vampire.haha. Just to stay young forever.

Okay, it does not gonna happen. I know, I know. So, I thought more scientifically how to live forever. Then I remember the theory of relativity by Einstein. Then, I came out with an idea, okay, I can live longer, provided I can go to the space (anywhere in the space) with the speed of light or a speed near that (which still is impossible). But let say, with some kind of technology, this can be done, (rather than assuming Edward Cullen is really exist is really a stupid assumption to make). Then, I can go to the space, just for 2 days in my time frame and come back to earth, then I can say I expand my life for another 2 millions years! So, yay!!I live 2 more million years!! (If anyone of you does not understand how I can expand the life for 2 more million years, you really need to study the theory of relativity. I dont bother to explain it here)

But yes. That's stupid. You know what? Living 2 millions years ALONE is not what I'm aiming for. Yes, I do not want to get old, but that does not mean I want to live alone forever if I had the chance. Seeing the people that you love die, seeing the people that you care the most leaving you, seeing all your friends gone one by one is the hardest part. For me, I'd rather leaving them, than they leaving me. I dont like the feeling of emptiness, loneliness in my life. Yes. I need them.

So, I twist my mind. I do not mind getting older. I do not scared having wrinkle at the age of 80 yo (if I still alive by then). Everyone will die. Back to basic, that how He decided for us. He knows the best. Who am I to against His will to live longer?

p/s: This is so random.


pooja said...

maybe not forever, but long enough to 'beribadat', will do for me.

tapi yelah, lg lame ko hidup. lg bnyk dose kau buat, kan?

zunitaramli said...

yup2.exactly.kalau kite cm confident je buat ibadat lg byk dr buat dosa, mmg patutlah mtk umur panjang kan, if not, myb xpatut pon mtk umur pendek, so, kene la bertaubat cepat2.haha