July 16, 2010

The secrets.

2007 2010

I didn't realize I lost my weight till many people said so. When I look back all my photos, I kinda agree with that. Hmm..what makes me lost my weight? Probably..

1. I don't eat red meat (Red meat contains very high calorie)
2. I don't eat egg yolk ( contains high calorie as well)
3. I eat basmati rice (does not contain starch - which makes u gain weight)
4. I use canola oil for cooking (does not contain cholesterol)
5. I drink soy milk (99.9% fat free)
6. I eat healthy cereal (99.9% fat free)
7. I usually take heavy meal once (dinner), and take breakfast
8. I cycle everyday to uni
9. Sometimes, I jog at park
10. I like traveling - it makes me lost my weight too (sometimes)

Well, that probably it. I'm not really sure though. To those who used to ask me how I lost my weight, this probably the best answer I could give:)


Maryam said...

laah ingatkan secrets ape laaa.. hehhe...

alamak kalu tak mkn daging merah... mati kot ak... i love it too much ;)

ita.. menten! hehhe

zunita said...

haha. actly xtau nk letak tajuk ape.haha:D

chenurulhusna said...

coeml nya kamo sekarang ita:)