August 29, 2010

Do you see the truth?

Some of the comments:

"This is absurd. The verse does not mention speed, it does not mention distance, it does not mention light, it does not mention the moon, it does not mention the number 12, it mentions days, but does not specify the sidereal day as opposed to the more usual solar day. If you choose enough numbers and muddle them together like this of course you'll find some coincidences.

It would be remarkable if someone had used this verse to calculate the speed of light before it was already known."

"This is just plain asinine."

"I like the way that this is supposedly Allah's universal constant that is hidden in a calculation in his holy book that he is entirely responsible for - ie, it is all the work of Allah. And then, Allah gets it wrong. c=299,792,458m/s, not 299,792,499m/s according to the Holy Quran. That is 41m/s out. 41m/s is not zero therefore either Islam's Allah is a false God or, The Holy Quran is not written by Allah.

Take your pick."

"these followers of cave man grasp at every straw to save their idiotic, stone age bullshit and push it down the throat of the masses of asses,

I am a mathematician, this moron has no clue,

substituting numbers for words to suit your goal AFTER THE FACT , you can get any result!!!!.

I bet they are going to find E=M*C squared, in their stupid Koran,NEXT!!!!

to see how scientifically advance Koran is watch this 2 min video of a Moslem scholar proving earth Is Flat and Much Larger than the Sun!"

Many times Allah said in the Quran, when He showed them the truth, the non-believers will turn from Allah. Yet, the light (Nuur) will only come to person who really seek the thruth brother.. O Allah, please guide me to the right path..


Khashafiq said...

The comment of a militant atheist who thought that the world are eternal and we have infinite history. Atheism is an ancient believe itself(Buddhism and Epicurus) so who's in the stone age now?

zunitaramli said...

It's not only atheists, but also the Christians.. If you go to youtube, u can see lot more comments.. somehow, I feel pity to them, how He left him in dark, even the believers show them the truth, their heart is still can't accept it.. O Allah, guide us to the right path..