August 12, 2010

Just to kill my time

Just a quisk post from me.

I just starting the fast today, yeah, Melbourne is one day later than those in Malaysia, but I prefer that way though coz I'm going to raya on Saturday. so yay! No class on raya!:D:D Okay, currently I'm in the lab, and I'm suppose to do the fyp - analog implementation of the system. But since one of my group partner is not here, so I cant do anything, coz he got the locker key - where we put all of the stuffs - iron core, metal ball, etc. So, I'm just sitting here, kinda doing nothing coz I'm not in a mood of studying, even I tried my best to concentrate, I just couldnt - mainly because I'm hungry. Well, need to say, today is the first day of puasa. So, yeah.

Saying about my fyp - here is the little bit of the description of what I'm currently working on - I will explain it in very least technical terms, so that non-electrical-engineering background can understand my project easily. Okay, my project called 'Magnetic Levitation Project'. So basically, we have to wrap around wire to an iron core to produce the magnetic effect - or solenoid. Then, our task is to make sure that the magnetic effect that produced by the solenoid is strong enough to levitate the metal ball underneath it. And the complexity goes when we vary the current through the wire (solenoid), it should move the ball accordingly (either up or down) and stabilize the ball at the new position. There where Control stuffs is take place. One might asks, what is the application for this system? Okay, have you ever heard of bullet train or shinkansen in Japan? This technology is much more complex than what we have, but the theory is very similar. Bullet train or shinkansen or some might called as maglev (magnetic levitation) train, uses the magnetic field in the rails and levitate the train. Having said that, this train does not have wheel at all, because it is levitate in the air - that what makes it so fast - as fast as an airplane - because it does not have much friction with the rail. So, our project just demonstrate the simpler system of maglev.

Okay, I rants here just to kill my time. haha. I have a class at 1pm. Okay, almost time. Need to go. Havva nice day and happy fasting to those who fast =)


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