August 27, 2010

Kenapa ye?

Kenapa buah oren tu name dia oren? Adekah sbb colour dia oren, sbb tu name dia buah oren? Atau.. adekah colour oren tu berasal dr buah oren? sbb buah oren tu colour oren, so colour oren tu dinamakan as oren? Kalau buah oren tu colour merah, adekah colour merah tu dinamakan oren? Atau.. kalau buah oren tu colour merah, adekah buah oren tu kite panggil as buah merah?

p/s: Aku buke pose ngn buah oren smalam.


khashafiq said...

Orange is orange because it have the essence of orange just like what Hume explain. If you remove the essence of orange such as orange in colour, round, taste tangy/sweet, have a thick outer layer and soft inner part,and juicy. If you been a fruit that looks like orange but taste like banana, you will be puzzled because it doesn't have the essence of the orange nor banana

zunitaramli said...

No, my question is, which one comes first? Is the name of orange comes from its colour (which is orange), or the orange colour comes from the orange? It does not matter about the structure or anything, if it happens that the banana is orange, we will always think that the banana is orange, right?