September 29, 2010

Something to ponder on the birthday

Today is my birthday. Yes, my 23rd birthday. With full of surprises, my other half really made my heart melted. Honestly speaking, this is one of the best birthday celebrations ever=)

Re-quote the comment of him in my facebook wall (I reaaaaaaly love his comment):

29th Sept 1987, a mother gave birth to the cutest baby in the world.
23 years after that, the girl is still a baby.
A baby for a man who knows his love, the baby herself:)

Lots of joys, happiness, sorrows and pains have been shared together, sayang.
Uncountable as they are, my love towards you, believe or not, is even beyond infinity.
And I'm grateful and happy for today, you are still breathing.

Once again, happy birthday, sayang!
Semoga diberkati umurmu, amalmu dan dimurahkan rezekimu.
InsyaAllah I'll do my best to make you the happiest person ever!
Love you so much!
Your bf:)

He made everything he could to make my birthday celebration as great as ever. He tried his best to make myself as the happiest woman on earth. And indeed, I am. His syair, his songs, his present, his flowers, his ice cream cake, everything was so perfect and awesome.

I could not ask more from Him.. What else do I want? What else do I need? I already have someone that really love me, willing to do anything for me, insyaAllah now and hereafter, I mean.. he is everything that I always want.

We always want somebody perfect. We always want somebody like Edward Cullen in Twilight or Adam in Adamaya. But we always forget that those people are fake. They are not real. They are not exist. There is no such man in this world that can be as perfect as those characters. They are fantasies. But we still want somebody like them. Are we in fantasy?

"The way to happiness is to be found in CLARITY OF KNOWLEDGE AND SOUNDNESS OF EDUCATION. This cannot be achieved by reading romantic fiction that takes the reader away from reality and is filled with rosy dreams and dizzying illusions, but which leads to frustration and depression."
-The Happiest Woman in the World

That is indeed very true. I was drown in those fantasies, hairy fairy tales. But now, I believe, the imperfections make you appreciate your partner better. Nobody's perfect, including me myself. Instead of demanding I want this and that, I should be the one that as loveliest partner as ever, and be the best as I could to make the imperfections seem perfect=)

To everyone, thank you for the wishes,
And to my other half,
Thank you for every single thing.
Me loves you. And always do =)


IntanBerlian said...

huhu ta... i like that comment too!! moge sentiasa bahagia dear... moge sentiasa dibawah lembayung rahmat-Nya.

cikun said...

I like this post!!
Thanks sayang, for loving me too!!:)

zunitaramli said...

@tan: insyaAllah2. Thx for the wish tan. and smoga ko ngn danial pon always hepi:)
@honey: no word can describe my feeling, dear. Though thousand times I say 'thank you' it still cannot describe how thankful I am for having you. once again, thank you so much!! :)