October 29, 2010

Every beginning, there is an ending

It's quite sometime I do not write. Am quite busy, not quite, very busy lately. With endeavour (final year project exhibition), assignments, presentation, lab report, everything is cramped at the end of the semester. I'm very happy coz insyaAllah, this gonna be one of my last moments in here. No more assignment, no more stay at uni till late night, no more headache with the project. But deep in my heart, honestly, I feel the other way around. Thinking of leaving Melbourne in couple of weeks from now makes me so sad... I never thought I will feel this way, but yes, now I admit, I am gonna miss Melbourne..

Everything was started in 2007, the first time ever I stepped in Melbourne. I had no friend, I mean, close friend, I barely knew people, I didn't even know who were my classmates. I'd rather walk alone or doing my work alone. I didn't really care to have company or get to know my coursemates. But that time I didn't really mind though. Yeah, maybe.. I just didn't care to have friends.

In 2008, I started to have close friends. Having vacation in New Zealand made our friendship closer. My best buddies, Iqah, Bad, and my housemates are my friends. Boleh kata rapat jugak la, coz I didn't really have other close friends though. lol. Pity me. Other than that, some people from other courses, and boleh kata bilangan rakan bertambah la sikit. Hehe. But, in uni, I was still alone, barely knew my coursemates.

2009. Everything started to be hard. I mean, the course. The number of students in the course decreased so much, as there were some of them changed course (maybe they didn't have interest on EE anymore), some of them just dropped EE, some of them got separated coz in third year, everything was streamed into the engineering field that you are in. So, from hundreds of students in the course, it was declined to roughly 80 students. Then, I started to know my coursemates, as I have to ask them about studies, assignments, etc. And I started to like to be friend with them. They are friendly. I mean, very friendly:)

2010. Every beginning has its ending. So does the uni life. Now, everything comes to an end. I mean, the time will come. And the friendship getting stronger. It makes me sick thinking I have to leave everything behind. Uni life. Though sometimes it's painful, but it has thousands of memories.


Sarsir said...

life goes on and on...the important things is not to forget all the great friends we know..cheers!

rabia-adawiah musa said...

nak balik m'sia eh?
tahniah! :)

zunitaramli said...

@farouk: yup2.pasni lain plak adventurenye kan.hehe

@kak rabiatul:haah, insyaAllah2.hehe